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dallem1nomthe bottom or depth of somethingWada apu da e humman etan anghel ni kamampaptek etan ni neku-kuan ni endi pappeg ni kadinallem tu. (Revelation 9:11a)Their king is that angel who is in charge of that bottomless pit.2stafor something to be at the bottom or to be in the depth of somethingInggah ku hu dukkun di lebeng ey nalneng di nandallem.I dropped a five centavo coin in the lake and it sank to the bottom.Tep ya ehel tu ey tuka buddihi hu neidallem ni wadad nemnem tayu niya pinhed tayun pehding ma-lat meamta hu ingkatuu tayu. (Hebrews 4:12b)Because his (God’s) word reveals what is in the depth of our minds and what we want to do, so that our character as people is made known., nei-edallem
dallicomp. ofda1lliprothis is a compound of 3rd person plural, da 'they', combined with lli 'future time' that marks the future time of an eventIhhelnak dalli na-mu mewan ni hi-gak anin beken ni bahul ku.Maybe they will blame (me) again even though it is not my fault.The lli form is an allomorph of ali2.
dallinnoutside of enclosure, e.g., outside of houseBinangkuan da dallin da et daka panyuyyuddungi.They made a bench outside their house where they can be sitting.8.5.5Spatial relations8.5.4.1Vicinity
dalludalna common area or location used by people for outdoor activitiesThe common area may be a road, hunting grounds or fishing locations like rivers, creeks or brooks.Ya dalan di Naghang hu dalludal ni kadellana idan iDugyu niya iPula ni kaumlaw di Kiangan. The road in Naghang is a common road used by people from Dugyu and Pula when going to Kiangan.Yad Kesi-melan hu dalludal ni dewwengan idan tuud Antipolo eman ni dakel ni hu ulha niya makwah.Kesi-melan is a common hunting ground for people of Antipolo during the time when there are plenty of boar and deer.8.5.4Area
dalluyun1nwave or waves of waterThe notion of waves is usually associated with the ocean.Kami nan-ang-ang-ang ni dalluyun di baybay ni kaalman.We watched waves in the ocean yesterday.Bimmangun hi Jesus et kantuy “Kasiked kan pewek niya dalluyun.” Pinhakkey ey nesiked hu pewek ey immineng law hu danum.(Mark 4:39)Jesus woke up and said, “Typhoon and waves, stop.” At once the typhoon stopped and the water became calm. or waves of water movingNandalluyun ni kaalman di baybay.The (water) was making-waves yesterday in the ocean.1.3.2Movement of watermaN-/naN-
dalomtransto file a court case against someoneIndalom Mario hi Martin ni meippanggep ni nampapgan dad payew da.Mario took Martin to court in regard to their rice-field boundary.4.7.4Court of lawiC1-/iN-Class 3
dalunuh1adv.predto do something secretlyNem indalunuh Jehosheba ni inewit hi Joas e gelang ni lakin u-ungngan Ahasiah niya etan biin kamengippaptek ni hi-gatu et tudda itlud hakey ni kuwaltuh ni Tempol… (2 Chronicles 22:11a) But Jehosheba secretly fetched Joas, the male child of Ahasiah and also the woman who took care of him and she hid them in a room in the Temple… Adverbial Predicates2intransto go secretlyNandalunuh kamin imma-allaw di baley da et eleg da amta e wada kamidya.We got out of their house secretly so they do not know that we are here.maN-/naN-
dalupingahsp. var.dalupungahstato have cracks in feetNedalupingah hu dapan ku.My heels are 6A Physiological process – state
damaadvalsoLimmaw dama hi Samuel di Amduntog ni kaalman.Samuel also went to Amduntog yesterday.Indawat daman Lourdes hu pihhuh ni sinangdan tu nan hi inetu.Lourdes also gave the money she earned to her mother.damengu
damag1vto seek informationLakkay di Bahag et mulli damagen hedin um-alid Tomas ni linggu di deya Nepayew. You go to Bahag and ask if Tomas is coming on Sunday here in Nepayew. 4Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
damag2transto place wood that is being split on top of log or another piece of woodMahapul ni iddamag mu eya keyew hedin dikhalen mu.You have to place the wood on top of another piece of wood if you are going to split it.Kayyaggud tu hu yad magengan keyew hu pengiddemmagan ni kadikhalan keyew.It is best that you place the log that you are going to split on top of a hardwood log.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
damangusp. var. ofdamenguan expression of emphasis; even at that; just the same; anyway; anyhow; at any rate
damdamtransto roast food over fire, e.g., corn, sweet potatoMu idamdam eya ubi et kanen ta.Roast this sweet potato and we'll eat it.Hipa nengidamdaman yun eyan yuka pangkennan ubi?What did you use to roast that sweet potato you are eating?Ida kaumdenamdam ni gahhilang ey tagan mi dama hanglag ni peanut.They were roasting corn while we were also frying peanuts.Simtangtang5.2.1.1Cooking methodsiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
damehstafor clothing to have thick dirtNedameh balwasi tun angiiw.Antan tu ipu-nad di balwasi tep medemmeh.Don't wipe it with your shirt because it will have thick dirt.5.6.1Clean, dirtyme-/ne-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
damengusp. var.damangucomp. ofngudamaadjunctan expression of emphasis; even at that; just the same; anyway; anyhow; at any rateThe expression emphasizes the fact that the statement would be true in any event or circumstance.Antan tu idwasi hi Robert ni bubud tep eleg tu damengu innuma tep eleg tu pinhed hu bubud.Do not give Robert rice wine because he won't drink it anyway because he does not like rice wine.Aggak idwat nan Bruce hu hakey ida etan ni napul mi tep inamtak e eleg da damengu pinhed ni man-ahhu. I did not give Bruce one of our puppies because I know that they don't want to have a dog anyway.Simmetlaing
damma1demwhich oneThe use of the word implies that there is a choice to be made from among a group.Damma etan kandan peltan ni pepnahan mu?Which one is the rooster they say you are going to castrate? pronouns2vexpresses the inability to distinguish the person or thing to be identified in a contextKadammaan Georgina hi Rose tep eleg tu enang-angen. Georgina does not know which one is Rose because she never saw her.Georgina does not know which one is Rose because she has never seen her., unknownka- -an
dammu1trans to meet someone; to encounter someoneKantuy tuwak dammuen di dalan. He said that he would meet me on the way.Nandammu kamin nahdem di dalan nem ag kami man-ung-ungbal tep nehileng.We met last night on the trail but we did not talk together because it was dark. Attu nenammuan mun hi-gatu?Where did you meet him?Simhipngat4.2.1.2Encounter-en/-in-, maN-/naN-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent2vfor two or more things to occur at the same timeTuka iddammun tuka pepweki.It does it at the same time when the typhoon-is-storming. the same timeiC1-/iN-3vfor clothing to fit one; to try on any kind of clothes to see if it fitsEleg mandammun Darren hu kamihita nan Julian. Darren's t-shirt does not fit on Julian.Kamaka-iddamun hi-gak hu pantalon tu.His pants fit me very well.Yad Dugyu hu nengidammuan kun taddung Morris ey kamandammu di uluk.It was in Dugyu where I tried on the hat of Morris and it fits my head.
dammudamtransto make written things unreadable; to make a photo or an image unrecognizableThis is done by blotting them out or obliterating them with ink, marking pen, crayons or paint.Dinammudam nan Fredrick ni sinta etan latlatuh tu tep eleg tu pinhed ni ang-angen idan tuu.Fredrick obliterated his photo with ink because he did not want people to see it.Nandammudam dan pintol ida etan neitudek di libluh et eleg law mebidbid.They have blotted out the writing in the book with paint so now it cannot be read.7.6Hide-en/-in- -an, maN-/naN-Class 4
dammutuadv.predit can be; to be possibleKaw dammutun nak umtu-yap eman ni hanlata et i-dum ku eyad kulang?Can I take out of the one can and add to this one that is lacking?Dammutun meippahding etan kammu. It's possible that what you said can be done.Simmabalin9.4.4.4Possible
dampagtransto lay something flat on a surfaceIndampag ku ya et hantu tegtega nem kele ag metegteg.I laid it flat on the floor to cut it but why wasn't it cut.Kaw impandampag mu makkaw dedan?Are you sure you laid it flat?Pandampag mud det-al et tegtegen ku.Lay it flat on the floor and I'll cut it. downiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
dampaytransto level or flatten something such as stoneDampay mu etan batu et pan-igud ku.Make that stone flat and I'll use it for rubbing. Simda-pay8. 4A Changes the structure of an object
danagvto worry about someone or somethingNakka medennagin hi-gayu hedin eleg kayu um-anemut tep ya kennen yu.I am worried about you when you do not come home because of your food.Nakka medaddangin hi-gatu tep ag la inamta dalan.I'm worried about him because he doesn't know the way.Endi tayu pandennagan panggep ni hi-gatu tep impeingha tu humman ni bebley.We have nothing to worry about him because he is accustomed to that place.Simkaguh 1ngapahngeheppannenemneman3. -an/ne- -an, me- -iLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
danalstafor a rice stem to be discolored, yellowish or brown; the rice plant dies from thisIt is said that the discoloration is caused by a rust mite, but the cause may be a plant fungus.Nedanal hu pagey mi.Our rice plants are discolored.Dandanallan hu pagey di payew da.The rice plants in their field are discolored. ricene-, -anClass 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
dandanihadv.predalmost; nearly; about to beDandanih ni megibbuh etan langtay di wangwang di Antipolo.The bridge at the Antipolo river is about to be finished.Synngannganih8.1.5.6AlmostLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano