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dakemisp. var.dakamiprothey-us; this compound pronoun refers to the 3rd person plural that is the subjective pronoun, they, and also refers to the 1st person plural exclusive objective pronoun, us; this meaning excludes the addresseeDakemi kalenanglangkakiddan tuu gapu tep eleg mi ewwasin peteg hu ehel da. They are teasing us because we do not fully understand their language.The compound form is a member of Set 3 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns
dakeyusp. var.dakayuprothey-you all; this compound pronoun refers to the 3rd person plural that is the subjective pronoun, they, and also refers to the 2nd person plural objective pronoun, you allDakeyu kau-unnudaddan u-ungnga tep kayyaggud hu yuka peang-ang ni hi-gada. The children are obeying you because you are good to them (lit. show good to them).The compound form is a member of Set 3 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns
dakig1nthe piece of wood used to bar and lock the door from the inside of a housePaleyen hu kinapyan Dallagingay ni dakig ni habyen da. Dallagingay used oak wood to make the bar for closing their house.2transto close doorIdekig mu bawang tep umhegep manuk.Close the door because the chickens will come in.Mu idekig hu habyen ma-lat eleg ida humgep hu wawwahhay. Go and close the door so that the mosquitoes will not come in.Simlekbi7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-
dakmegtransto press or push something downThis word may also be used to refer to signing a document with the thumb, i.e. pressing thumb on to the paper. Another example is to press bottles or jars under water to fill them.Hipa nengidakmeg ni ulum di danum?Who pushed down your head under water?Simtalmed7.7.4PressiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
dalaintransto menstruateNandalaan tu hambulan.She menstruated for one month.Ag mandella bii hedin hampulun toon tun ebuh.Girls of ten years old do not menstruate.2.2.5Bleed, bloodmaN-/naN-Class 1E Physiological functions and body conditions
dalan1na trail; a path; a wayEdawwi dalan ni umlaw di Manila.The way going to Manila is far.Andukkey ni dalan dillan mi.We hiked a long way.Aggak amta dalan ni umlaw di Dugyu.I don't know the way going to Dugyu., route2intransto walkKaw nandalan kallin illian yu?Did you walk when you came?Umdalan ali law hi mahhiken ni hakey bulan?Baby boy will walk in one month.Kele mu impandalan hi makhiken ey petang?Why did you let baby boy walk and yet it's hot?Nakka umhigan umdaladalan tep neama-ak law.I'm lazy to be walking because I am now old., um-/-imm-Class 1A Movement with a manner component3transto walk on a particular trail; to pass by something on the wayAttu dillan yun linawwan yud Da-pay?Where did you walk when you went to Da-pay?Agmi ang-angen nengidlanan yud baley mi.We did not see you when you walked by our house.-en/-in-padelan
dalang1adjred colorMadlang etan peltan tu.His rooster is red.Ingkal da balwasi tu et pebalwasi dan hi-gatu etan madlang ni kaibbalwasin patul. (Matthew 27:28)They removed his clothes and they put a scarlet robe of a king on him. become red; to blushDimmalang angah tun nenemyawan da.His face became red when they criticized him.Kaumdalang hedin impalaw dad hinanggan mittudu.He blushes when they send him in front of the teacher. 2G Processes
dalatvto recall the past in conversation; to relate a story about a past eventNedalat ni nan-ung-ungbalan mi. It was recalled when we were having a conversation. 3.5.4Story
dalayyapsp. var.dallayapnlemon or lime fruitMapeit ni innumen hu danum ni dallayapLemon or lime juice is sour to drink.Endi dakel ni dallayap di bebley tayu. There are not many lemons or limes in our place. from fruit
daldalvto talk nonsenseNedaldal hi Artemio.Artemio is a nonsense-talker.3.5.5Foolish talk
dalekanntree variety1.5.1Tree
dalemnthe fat of pigsKaumhinhin hu dalem ni babuy.The fat of pigs is sweet.Illa tun emin hu dalem hi babuy.He got all of the pig's fat.Kayyaggud hu dalem ni hanglagen.The fat of pigs is good when it is roasted.Simtaba 11.6.2Parts of an animal
daligtransto be positioned side by side without touchingNandalidalig ida etan neda-pay ni batun inha-ad dan kadellana di dallin ni baley da.The flat stones that they put as a walkway outside their house were placed side by side.Simdagsi 1dalittakdul 18.5LocationmaN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Tastes, odors and other features of entities
dalikannstone stove, three stones are used to support cooking pots in the fireplace of a houseThe fireplace is about one and a half square meters and is filled with soil to prevent the floor from getting burned. The original stone stoves were composed of three stones set in the fireplace. These three stones were set in a triangular formation at equidistant from each other with all slightly leaning inward towards each other so that the bottom of a pot could sit securely on top of these three stones. In between these three stones firewood was placed for cooking food in the pot. Normally, another three stones were also set a bit further away from this stove for a vat used for cooking animal food which is usually sweet potatoes. Nowadays two metal rods or two metal bars are used instead of rocks. Two rectangular cement blocks are set a meter or so apart and then two metal bars or rods are placed on top like a bridge about half s foot apart and then pots and fry pans sit on the two metal rods.Tellun batu hu ingkapyan Joseph ni dalikan di dep-ullan ni baley di Johnny.Three stones were set up by Joseph as stoves at Johnny's house fireplace.5.1Household equipment
dalinatnthe bottom or foundation of somethingNinemnem kun bahbahen humman ni tuping et mangkatleb et mabudihan hu dalinat tu. (Ezekiel 13:14a)I have decided to destroy your stonewall and it will fall and its foundation will be exposed.Nebudihan hu dalinat ni baybay et ya sinuunan eyan puyek. (Psalms 18:15) The bottom of the sea and the foundation of the earth were revealed.
dalipeynbig, flat stonesThese stones are used for stepping stones, rock walls, garden edging, etc.
dalipungahnto have cracks in the skin of the feetNedalipungah hu dapan John tep eleg tu igguda hedin nan-emeh.John's feet have cracks because he does not scrub the dead skin when he takes a bath. diseaseme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
dalitvto be close by someoneNeidelit ni hi-gak ni yudungan mi.He sat very close beside me in our seat.Nandalit idan neugiapan da.They slept close together.Kaidelit kan hi-gatu.Get close to him.Hipa nekidelit mun nahdem di kama?Who slept beside you in the bed last night?Simdagsi 1daligtakdul, space
daliwaat1nacne2.5.2.2Skin disease2stato have acneNedaliwaat hu nambina-hil ni angah tu. There is acne on both sides of his
dallakitna plant variety that is edible5.2.3.1Food from plants
dallallufr. var. ofdallalunhail; ice; snowImpatnul etan ni nemangulun anghel hu tangguyup tu ey nangka-gah di puyek hu dallallu niya apuy e na-duman ni kuheyaw. (Revelation 8:7a)The first angel blew his trumpet and hail and fire mixed with blood fell on the earth., ice
dallalufr. var.dallallunice pellets; sleet; hailTep hedin peellik hu dallalu ey mettey emin tuu niya animal ni eleg maihidum. (Exodus 9:19b)Because when I bring hail, all the people and animals who do not take cover will die., ice
dallangdangnthe dried or burned portion of rice at the bottom of the cooking potMu delu-du hu dallangdang di palyuk et idwat muddan u-ungnga et kanen da.Go and scrape off the rice from the cooking-pot and give it to kids so they can eat it. from plants
dallatintransfor two things to be joinedHedin ya kukub ni kebayyu ey nandallat, beken ni henin baka.The hoof of a horse is joined, not like a cow's hoof.Impandallat da law etan dewwan eken di payew mi.They joined two small rice paddies in our rice-field.Kaw inang-ang mu nengidallatan da etan ni dewwan eken?Did you see they joined those two small rice paddies?maN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Tastes, odors and other features of entities
dallayapsp. var. ofdalayyapncitrus fruit; lemon; lime5. from fruit