Vernacular - English


duyagtransto pour a liquid into a container or onto somethingDuyag kan bubud ni innumen ku eyad taug. Pour wine into this cup for me to drink.Duyagi yun danum etan dayyaket di banga et maupel.Pour water on the glutinous-rice in the pot so it will be softened.Simdu-yah 1wagwag7.3.2.6Put in-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
duyahtransto dig and move the soil to make it levelDinuyhan dan han-aggew. They dug and leveled the ground in a day.Daka panduyyahi pengihha-addan dan baley da. They are digging and leveling the place where they will place their house.Ida nanduyah ni kaalman ni pengibbehwatan tun baley da. Yesterday they dug and leveled the place where he will build their house.7.3Move something-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
duyduytransthe act of moving your hand in an up and down motion as you point at the person while talking in a confrontational accusationKaduyduyduyan Pedro hi Juan ni tuka pengippebehhulin hi-gatun netalak ni taddung.Pedro was pointing his finger at Juan while accusing him for the lost hat. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
duyu1na bowl or a plateMu ulahidda etan inusal tayun duyu.Go and wash the dishes that we used.Synpinggan6.7.7Container2transto put something on a plateYu pan-aladda hu duyu et iduyu yudda eya kennen idan mangili.Go and get the plates and put this food for the visitors on them.iC1-/iN-
duyugpassto be bent, e.g., a treeNeduyug keyew ni wadad dalanThe tree that is on the trail is bent.7.1.8Bend downneduyug
duyuhprocrefers to a man's hair becoming long and implies that a haircut is neededPinu-litan ku hi Roy tep dimmuyuh hu bewek tu. I gave Roy a haircut because his hair became long.2.1.5Hairum-/-imm-Class 2G Processes
duyunintransto be pairedSimdupi-ilmaN-/naN-
duyyahna gong rhythmSimdupelleklipaddut 14.2.3Music2.3.2.3Types of sounds
duyyawndragonfly speciesEndi kaellawahaddan u-ungnga ni duyyaw tep neita-gey hu daka pantattayyabi.The kids are not catching any dragonflies because they are flying high.
dyademthis is a shortened form of the demonstrative deya that may be attached to verbs and pronouns ending in a vowelNetallilaw kamillid Pula ni ab-abig Norton et humman neladawan min immalidya.We were distracted in Pula with Norton’s stories and that is why we were late in coming here.Annagam wada kamidya ey tep dingngel mi e um-ali kayu.The reason that we are here is because we heard that you are coming. pronouns