Vernacular - English


demettrans1to trade or barter rice for something elseIndemet tun emin pagey tun hakey killum.He bartered all his rice for one pig.Dimmet tu kaung dan telun upun pagey.He bartered their pig for three hundred bundles of rice.Dimmet Pablo hu killum Pugung ni bengley.Pablo traded Pugung's pig for fifty bundles., tradearchiC1-/iN-Class 3G Conversive action process2to sell riceIndemet tu pagey dan dewan kaung.He sold his rice for two mother pigs.Indemetan idan Cabbigat ni telun upun pagey tep endi kennen da.Cabbigat sold to them three hundred bundles of rice because they have nothing to eat.Hi-gatu et nakka pengidmesin eyan bengley nem ay kantuy endi mewan pihhuh tuHe is the one to whom I would like to sell these fifty bundles of rice but he said he does not have money.Ebuh numan hi Jose di Palaw ni kaum-idmet ni pagew ni katootoon tep dakel pagey da.It is only Jose of Palaw who sells rice every year because they have plenty. -an
demittransto smash something by something heavier being dropped or laid on itAng-ang mu et agmu demiten etan balat di kalton.See to it that you will not smash the bananas inside the carton.Nadmit tep na-gahan ni batu.It was smashed because a stone fell on it.7.7.4Press-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
demullugna mythical creature related to the traditional religious system3.5.4.1Fable, myth
demutstato be greedy for foodNadmut hu biin lituku.Women are greedy for lituku-fruit.Hipa nadmutan mu?What are you greedy for?Simuklung5.2.2.5Hungry, thirsty
den-alstaearly morning; dawnThis is an archaic term for morning or dawn.Synnewa-waarchme-affixation: me-
denatransto use the tip of the forefinger in getting something to put on tongue or in mouth e.g lime, salt, etcDinna tu apul.He got lime (with his forefinger).7.4.3Get-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
dendentransto move something a short distance awayDinenden kudda etan yuddungngan et immen idad pikdel.I moved all the seats and so they are in the corner.Yu pandenden di nengihe-pen eman ida helek et apuyan yuddadman.You go and move that grass down below and burn it there.-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
denehtransto squeeze fermented rice to obtain the last or second juiceThis second juice is not considered good because it contains sediment.Dinneh mi nenginuman dan kaalman et humman ininum mi.We got the second juice of what they drank yesterday and we drank it.Lakkay et mulli denehen etan bubud di baley di Simmicpao et inumen tayu.Go and get the second juice of Simmicpao's rice wine and we will drink it.Nekilut ininum min bubud tep deneh.The wine we drank had sediment because it was the second juice.-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
denengv1to be hidden, not seen, because it is similar in color, e.g., dirt on dark clothingKameidneng hu ngungnguy di helek.The ngungnguy-snake cannot be seen since it is camouflaged-by the color of the grass.Simhebul 1helamkamei-2similar in looks; matchingIda kamandedneng ni han-agi. They are similar as brothers.Kan mewan Jesus ni hi-gaday “Endi tuun tu pikgaten hu baluh ni balwasi et ittuptup tud daan ni balwasi. Tep hedin hanniman, man ayyuh law etan baluh ni balwasi niya eleg meidneng hu baluh ni meittuptup di daan ni balwasi.” (Luke 5:36)Jesus also said to them, “No one tears a piece of cloth from a new garment and patches an old garment. Because if it’s like that, that new garment will be wasted and the new patching will not match the old garment.”maN-/naN-, mei-
dengdengtransto point something like a gun at someone or somethingAntan tulli idengdengdeng ni hi-gak eya pelattug tep nakka umttakut.Don't be pointing that gun at me because I'm afraid.Indengdengan tuwak ni pelattug nem aggak umtakut.He pointed a gun at me but I'm not afraid., i- -an/iN- -anClass 3E Move an object directionally
dengel1intransto hear or listen generallyAg umdengel eya hakey ni tangilak tep nebahbah.One of my ears does not hear because it is damaged.Simtungngul2.3.2Hearum-/-imm-2transto hear something specificEneng itsu et dengelen tayu etan kapan-ehelan apu mittudu hah.Let's keep quiet and hear what the teacher is saying.Dingngel mi eman kandan nekapkapyaddan han-agid Dugyu.We heard about what they said the two brothers did in Dugyu.-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognition3vto listen and obeyMadngel ida ni-ngangu hu u-ungngan Bahwaw.Bahwaw's children are very obedient (lit. they always listen and obey).Ag ni hekey mengngel etan hakey ni u-ungngan Taguling ni lallakki.One of Taguling's sons is disobedient (lit. doesn't listen to a single thing).meN-/neN-dingngelpadngelpedngel
denggukintransto snore when sleepingKamandengguk hi Marylou hedin neka-uyeng.Marylou snores when she is in a deep sleep.Simelmem2.2.1Breathe, breathmaN-/naN-Class 1C General class
dengyahna woman's long, straight hair; attractive hairLong, straight hair is considered attractive.Medengyah ni peteg hu bewek Laurina.Laurina's hair is very long and straight.Kaumdengyah hu bewek hedin katebbunan kapan-e-mehi.The hair becomes attractive (long and straight) when soaped when bathing.2.1.5Hairme-, um-
denuntransto rely on someone to do somethingTuka ideddenun hi agitun mangngunnu.He relies on his brother to work.Hipa nengidnunan mu ingngunu?Whom did you rely on to work?
dep-ahtransto jump downDinep-ah tu etan eta-gey ni deplah tep ya takut tun uleg.He jumped down from that high cliff because of his fear of a snake.Dinep-ahan ku etan manuk dan pukaw ey netey et baydan ku.I jumped down on their white chicken and it was dead so I paid for it.Simyapah7.2.1Manner of movement-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
dep-ul1ndust or ashesYu hagad etan dep-ul ni negiheb ni keyew di daulen. Go and sweep the ashes from the burned wood under the house., dirt2stato become dusty or dirtyNedepdep-ul balwasi tu tep kaman-uliulin di puyek.His clothes are dusty because he keeps rolling on the ground.Antan tu ekan eya ubin inggah mu tep nedep-ulan.Don't eat that sweet potato you dropped because it's
dep-ullanInf. ofdep-ulnfireplaceYad dep-ullan di bawang ni baley hu mika pene-engi. It is in the fireplace inside the house where we cook.Kami kaman-eppuy di dep-ullan hedin mene-eng kami. We build a fire in the fireplace when we cook.Simappuyyan5.1Household equipment-an
depa1transto spread arms horizontally to sides of bodySpreading the arm to the side is frequently used to measure something. Also, during the Ifugao native dance, the arms are stretched out and upward during certain beats of the gongs.Nakka meblay ni meneddepan ngamay anin ni kagudwah ni minetos ni ebuh.I am easily tired in spreading my arms even just for a half minute only.2narm span measureHandepa etan kinehtung ni pehhanen mu.The log that you will carry on your shoulder is one-arm-span length.handepa
depag1stato be unconsciousNadpag ni nahdem hi In-uyay et kammi ngu nem mettey.In-uyay was unconscious last night and we thought she will die.Hipa gaputun tu nadpagan?What caused her to be unconscious?Dimmateng kamiy kamedmedpag hi Inhumang?We arrived and Inhumang was unconscious. consciousnessna-, na- -an2to lie flat as when unconscious or dead; only as it refers to being deprived of consciousness by physical condition as in drunkenness or sicknessNebuteng et meneddeppag ni dalan ni neugip.He was drunk and lying flat on the path asleep.7.1.3Lie downmeN-
depalstastunted rice plant growthThe stunted rice plant growth tends to be due to the lack of the organic food supply that is needed for growth. The whole stem and leaves tend to become yellowish in color.Nadpal pagey da tep lawah puyek.Their rice plants are stunted because the soil is bad. Ya na-mu tep aye kulang hu danum et humman nadpalan ni pagey mi.It is perhaps because water was lacking that caused the stunted growth of our rice.Dimpal ni dulmug hu pagey da.The soft stones caused the stunted growth of their rice plants. ricena-, na- -an
depap1intransto quarrel; to fight by grabbing and wrestlingIda kamandedeppap ni han-aaggi.The brothers are fighting each other.Ya panggep ni pagew hu nandedeppapan da.It is the rice-field that caused their quarrel.Nandedeppap idan kaalman di Nepayew tep ya panggep ni luhud ni killum.There was fighting yesterday in Nepayew because of the communal fence.4.8.2FightmaN-/naN-Class 1C General Class - Types of behavior2transto catch and hold on to an animalHeged dakemidya et milli depapen etan newang et malkaan tayu.Wait for us here and we will catch the carabao so we can mark him.Dimpap ku et killum ey imbukyat ku tep umkalat.I caught the pig but I let it go because it will bite.6.3.1Domesticated animal-en/-in-
depdeptransto pack down soil with foot or tool, e.g., to tamp earth around house post; to stamp on someone's garden; to crush hardened soil with footPandepdep mu eya hinuklay ku ma-lat medepdep.You pack down the dirt which I have dug so that it will be hardened.Tuka pandepdepan la-lu hu hengeg ni tukud.He was using the pestle to tamp the earth around the house post.Hipa mu nenepdepan etan ni garden ey wada neitnem?Why did you stamp on that garden and there were planted things?7.7.4Press
depehtransto flatten plants, e.g., typhoon causing rice plants to lay flatDimpeh ni pewek hu pageyThe typhoon flattened the rice plants.Ang-ang yu et ag yu depehen ida etan ag ma-teng ni pagey.See to it that you will not flatten those immature rice plants.Nangkadpeh hu gulun ni dillan etan ni idew.The grass where the python passed through was flattened.7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
depentransto cover somethingAntan tu idpen eya inha-ad kun papil di lamesaan tep importanteh ida huttan.Don't use those papers on the table to cover it because they are important.Indepen tu mewan la etan inha-ad kuddi ni papil ni kangkun panlibbut kun ahin.He again used that paper that I was intending for wrapping the salt to cover it.Depenim eya palhu et han mu tengeda mewan tep maetung.Cover that frying pan before holding it again because it is hot.Simhephepkalub7.3.7CoveriC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
deplahna cliff or angle of a huge stoneHedin yadda dama badger, man yad deplah hu daka pambelleyi. (Psalm 104:18b)Also as for the badgers, it is in the cliffs where they make their homes.