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bangkona bank6.8.1.4Store wealth6.5.1Building
bangku1na bench5.1.1Furniture2transto make a benchBinangkuan da dallin da et daka panyuyyuddungi.They made a bench outside their house where they can be sitting.Hipa nemangku?Who made a bench?Daka pambangkui ey limmabah kami.They were making the bench when we passed by.
banglehsta spoiled cooked foodInappil da nebangleh ni ubi.They separated the spoiled sweet potatoes.Pigantu nebanglehan etan ni detag di banga?When did the meat in the pot get spoiled?Nebangleh gagan ka-alman. The rice from yesterday was spoiled.Hipa gaputun kakebanglehi ni detag?What caused the meat to be spoiled? 5.2Foodme-/ne-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects.
banglu1stadescribes the good smell and taste of food and drink; delicious; delectableUsually refers to food that is sweet or savory.Et humman hu, ang-ang mu et eleg ka madinin menginnum, anin ni madlang ey kayyaggud ang-ang etan ni meinnum di basuh ey mebanglu tamtam tu. (Proverbs 23:31)Therefore, don't look at it and be persuaded to drink it even though it has a red and good appearance in the cup and a delicious taste.Immehel etan bii ey kantuy “Dibdib ni kamelpud appit ni south niyad north, ali ka et ipuyaw mu bangbanglun hamuy ni leguntak et palaw mud kad-an ni nakappinhed kun laki ma-lat umli et kanen tu hu mebanglun lameh idan neitnem di diman.” (Song of Songs 4:16) The woman spoke and said, “Wind from the south and north, come and blow the fragrance of my orchard and send it to the man I love so he will come and eat the delicious fruit of the plants there. 5.2Food2.3.3Tasteme-Class 6D Descriptives1.1stato become deliciousBimmanglu etan sinepalan mun ihhida.That viand that you cooked with garlic became hamuy ni bibil tun na-bel ni mir ey heni etan ni banglun lily. (Song of Songs 5:13)The smell of his lips wet with myrrh is like the fragrant smell of a lily.
bangngadtrans1to return something to its owner or to its previous locationIbbangngad kun nunya etan binneh kun libluh.Today I will return the book that I borrowed.Impebangngad da balwasik ni netalak.They returned my shirt that was lost. somethingiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally2to receive back something that has been given or recover something that has been lost or takenBinangngad tu etan indawat tun hi-gak.He got back what he gave to me.Impebangngad da balwasik ni netalak.They returned my shirt that was lost.Bangngad dakemi anhan e Apu Dios et mambalin kami mewan ni tuum. (Lamentations 5:21)Take us back please, LORD God, so we will become your people again.Yan nunman ey neipahdih ni nan-ekal Jesus hu degeh et yadda neihuklung, niya impebangngad tu kapenang-ang idan nekulap. (Luke 7:21)At that time, Jesus healed those who were sick and those who were demon-possessed, and he also restored the sight of those who were blind.-en/-in-, impe-3to return home; to come back to starting placeMambangad alin linggu hi ama.My father will return on Sunday.Nambangngad hi ama et ya etan ahhu tud da nandewengan.My father and his dog came back from where they went hunting.
bangngawna caterpillar speciesYa bangngaw ey humman hu bigih ni nedutdutan ni emin hu annel tu niya kamangkadakadap.The caterpillar is a worm that has hair all over its body and crawls everywhere.
bangngetna tree variety1.5.1Tree
bangun1intransto awakenMahapul ni umbangun kayun dagah tep umhaleman itsun kakkabuhhan di Camandag.You will have to wake up early because we are leaving early in the morning for Camandag.Simbengkal5.7.3Wake upum-/-imm-Class 2C Physiological functions2trans to awaken someoneMu bangun hi ina tep ngannganih ni mengngan itsu law.Go and wake mother up because it is nearly time to eat.-en/-in-bimmangun
bangusnfish species; milkfish1.6.1.5FishLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
banig1na ghostImpalad tuwak etan ni inang-ang kun banig.The ghost that I saw gave me an omen.4.9.2Supernatural being2transto have a ghost appear to oneBennigen dakeyullin banig Nehemia.Nehemia's ghost will frighten you.-en/-in-bimmanig
banna1na pairMulli alla etan banna ni patut kud akbut ama.Go and get the other pair of my shoes inside my father's backpack.2vto place together or put together as pairsPambannabannam ida eya busih ni pengippetu-unan mudda et madelang hu hakey ey andeket hu hakey.Put these bottles in pairs as you put them up so that one is red and the other is black. 7.3.2Move something in a direction-an/-in- -an
bannagawna small lizard speciesThis lizard species is usually found near water.Et ya meikka-pat ey ya bannagaw e dammutun mepi-dit, nem ida kamehemmak di baley ni patul. (Proverbs 30:28)And the fourth thing is a lizard, it can be caught, but they can be found in a king’s palace.
bannahhannsalt container; salt saucerDinwit tu etan bannahan et himutan tu ey nemahhig ni mapeit hu hili.He touched the salt saucer with his fingertip and licked it and the chili was so pungent.
bannawagdial. var. ofwaggawag
bannugna bird that eats chickens1.6.1.2Bird
bannutanna tree variety1.5.1Tree
bansing1nmatchMu ala etan bansing et bansingan mu eya kengkeh tep aye engeenget law. Go and get matches and light the lamp since it is now dark.5.5.1Light a fire2transto light a fire or lampBinansingan tu etan papil et tumbel.He lit that paper and it became-a fiery-flame.-an/-in- -an
bantaktransto play a card during a card game; to lay down a cardEleg bantakan nan Kevin hu inla tun binugut tu.Kevin did not put down a replacement card for the card he drew. game-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
bantuktransto hit with the tip of a boloThis action may be done intentionally as in a fight or accidentally when using a bolo for another purpose.Inhaeng Glen etan nak binantuk ni deleg di payew.Glen cooked the fish that I hit in the rice-field.Nebantuk hu heli tu ni mika pangkep-ahi di dalan.His foot was accidentally hit when we were clearing grass on the road.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
BantullayProp.Na man's name9.7.1.1Personal names
bapolsp. var. ofbapor1nlarge boat; ship7. ride on a shipNambapol idan nalpuan dad Hongkong.They rode on a ship from Hongkong.Language of Borrowing: Ilocan bapor
baporsp. var.bapol1nship; large boatEt ipatnan Paul ni um-ehel ida etan ni ap-apuddan kamangngunnud bapor. (Acts27:9a)And Paul tried to tell the officer of those working on the ship.2intransto travel on a shipGapuh ni netenaktakan mi ey nedatngan hu ahipewwepewwekan et anggetakkut ni mambapor di baybay. (Acts 27:9a)The reason for our delay was that the typhoon season had arrived and it was dangerous to travel-by-ship on the ocean. by watermaN-/naN-
baranggayna residential district4.6.7Region
barleyna grain variety6.2.1.1Growing grainLanguage of Borrowing: English
basistabarren; sterile, descriptive of a personEndi dametun an man-ungnga hi Dinnaun tep nebasi.There is no possibility for Dinnaun to bear children because she is barren. Ey endiddan aahwa yu hu mengunnuh niya endi an mebessi ey iddawtan dakeyun andukkey ni biyag. (Exodus 23:26)And none of your wives will miscarry and none of them will be barren, and I will give you long lives., infertileme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state