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BanayuProp.Na woman's name9.7.1.1Personal names
banban1nthe inner white part of the stem of rattan2transto separate the inner part of rattan from the outer partThe removal of the soft inner part is one step in preparing the rattan to make useful strips for weaving baskets or tying things.Mu panbanbani etan ida sineneg-ang Martin ni ewey.Go and separate the inner parts of the rattan stems that Martin split.Ya ewah hu kaussalan memanban ni ewey.A knife is what is used in separating-inner-part of rattan., take apart-an/-in- -an
banbanillagna mythical creature that appears at night and glows in the darkAlthough some speakers, especially today, call the banbanillag a mythical creature, the sighting of such beings were formerly a phenomena of the traditional religious system.Wada kunu inang-ang dan banbanillag ni nahdem di payew yu.Apparently, they saw a banbanillag in your rice-field last night.4.9.5Practice religion3.5.4.1Fable, myth
bandelahna banner; a flag3.5.6Sign, symbol
bandilahna flag; a bannerPinuulan da bandilah di Sabah.They burned the flag in Sabah.5.5.4Burn
bandullugnsomething is described as having an oblong shape8.3.1Shape
banehtrans1to borrow somethingLakkay et mu banehen ida pa-nay ni bimmebley anin ni piga bilang tu...(2 Kings 4:3)Go and borrow jars from your barrio-mates, even as many as you can...Lawah ida etan edum ni kaumbaneh tep agda ibbangngad ni hin-addum.Some people who borrow are bad because sometimes they don't return it.Hipa namaneh etan ni gelgel di baley tayu?Who borrowed the saw in our house?6.8.5Borrow-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent2to lend something; to allow someone to borrow somethingAgtu pebenneh etan pinway tu tep e-ebbuh humman ni pinway di baley da.He does not lend his bolo because that is the only bolo they have in their house.Impabaneh ku pantalon ku ey agtu balbalan ey imbangngad tu.I lent him my pants and he did not wash them and returned, impa-
banenunthe ritual term for a rice fieldThe use of this term is restricted to a shaman's ritual chants.4.9.5Practice religion
banewtransto put viand in dish; to serve viandIdwat mulli eya duyu yu et banwan kun ihhida tep ay neidawwi.Give me that plate and I'll serve you viand because it is very far (from you).Endi duyun bennewan ni ihhideyu.There is no plate to put viand for you.Kele ag kaumbanew ni ihhidad ba-hil?Why don't you serve viand on the other side? food-an/-in- -an, um-/-imm-Class 5A Changing state of site by adding something
bang-agstato be ill-mannered; rude; shamelessNebang-ag ka tep legelegem hu muka heppita niya muka ippahding anin ni pi-yew weno anggeba-ing.You are an ill-mannered person because you just say and do anything, even if it is taboo or shameful.Simbengang4. standardme-/ne-Class 6C Characteristics of human nature
bangana cooking pot; cooking panDuyagi yun danum etan dayyaket di banga et maupel.Pour water on the glutinous-rice in the pot so it will be softened.5.1Household equipment
bangagstato have a low, deep voiceNebangag hu ehel nan Martin.Martin has a low, deep voice. 6D Descriptives
bangawngypsy moth1.6.1.7Insect
bangbangtransto dig up and turn soil with shovel; to plow soil with shovelBinangbang min kaalman etan han-eken ni eleg yu bangbangen ni kaalman.We plowed the one-rice-paddy that you did not plow yesterday.Hipa kan gaud ni impemangbang mu? Whose wooden-spade did you use to plow the soil? a field-en/-in- Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
bangbangluadjto smell good, e.g., incense, perfume; to be fragrantEy ha-adi yun mansikan olibah niya bangbanglun insensoh. (Leviticus 2:15)And place on it (a sacrifice) olive oil and fragrant incense.2.3.4Smell
bangennwooden frame of fireplace5.1Household equipment
bangew1na backpack made of rattan decorated mainly with boar hairs, feathers from fowls and black fibers from a certain type of palm tree called ballagnutThis backpack is used in rituals usually in the hi-mung and tagtag rituals.Simdagikallupi 1pahhiking2transto use the backpackHipa imbangew yu?What did you put in your ritual-backpack?Attu nambangewan yu?Where are you going with your ritual-backpack?Alam ali et hi-gak mengibbengngew eyan bangewah.Give it to me and I will be the one to use that ritual-backpack.4.9.8Religious things
banggel1na necklaceSimhubengkabbaungkelkel 1pa-ngaw5.4.1Jewelry2transto place something around the neck, usually refers to placing a necklaceImbanggel kun pinhakkey hu hubeng yu ey mebel-at.I wore your gold necklace one time and it was heavy.Hipa ngadan tu eman nambanggel ni pa-ngaw?What is the name of that one wearing a pendant around his neck?iC1-/iN-, maN-/naN-
banggiktransto hit with the tip of a stickBinanggik Jonny hu beneg Carlos et kumuheyaw tep neliputan.Jonny hit Carlos on his back and it bled because it was injured.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
banggiyakna mythical bird that is thought to give an omen of sickness when its chirp is heard at nightYan hileng ni ebuh hu kakedngelin ehel ni banggiyak.It is only at night time that the chirp from the mythical bird can be heard.Synkilkilang4.9.8Religious things
bangiwtransto turn or move something in a different direction; to turn something off-centerEhel mun Carlos et bangiwen tud appit ni winilli eman lehung.Tell Carlos to turn that mortar to the left side.Binengiw Allawa ni emin hu danum di alak di payew da.Allawa redirected all the water from the irrigation-channel into their rice-field.7.3.5Turn something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
bangka1na small boat2intransto travel or ride in a boatNambangka kami ey neganganas.We rode in a boat and it was enjoyable.Kami bimmenangbangkan kaalman.We went boating yesterday.
bangkagndry land farming, usually rice or corn is grownDry land farming is done on land that cannot be irrigated.Kayyaggud hu bangkag nan Justine ni nunyan toon tep immudaudan.Justine's dry land farm is good this year because it has been raining.6.2Agriculture
bangkiling1na chainImminah hi Peter ey na-kal ida bangkiling di ngamay tu niyad heli tu. (Acts 12:7d)Peter got up and the chains were removed from his hands and legs.Simtakilala6.7.5Fastening tool2transto chain someone or somethingYan eman ni nengikelabutan dad Egypt nan hi Joseph ey binangkiling da hu heli tu et maliputan niya impewa-ngalan dan gumek. (Psalm 105:18) When they put Joseph in prison in Egypt, they bound his feet with chains and they were bruised and they placed an iron collar around his neck.
bangkingtransto be different; to be contrastive; to opposeTep emin ida etan tuun eleg umbangking ni hi-gatsu ey edum tayudda humman. (Mark 9:40)Because all those people who do not oppose us, what they do adds them to us. 2H Behavior