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ballingegnwasp species; the species is called hunting wasp1.6.1.7Insect
ballinggawn1a bag made of woven rattanThis is a big native woven rattan bag with a strap that hangs on either shoulder to the side of the body. It is for carrying personal things such as the small size purse, kumpil, betel nuts, betel pepper leaves, lime, tobacco, small knife and other small personal items.Hi Bummilaw hu nengapyan ballinggaw ku.It was Bummilaw who made my ballinggaw-bag. place something in the bagIballinggaw mudda eya ittapi bewwa, beyyen, apul, niya tabbaku.Put these betel-chewing-things, betel nut, betel pepper leaves, lime and tobacco, in the bag.i-/iN-
ballisina tree variety1.5.1Tree
ballitukna creature in a traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
ballu1nyoung rice roasted and poundedA snack that is enjoyed. Often prepared and eaten during the evening hours.2transto harvest green young riceLakkayuy et yulli balluen etan wadad ehpen ni dayyakket.Go and harvest the green rice that is below.Inhalab dan kaalman hu binallun ina.They roasted green rice which my mother harvested.Kaw nemallu hi inam ni kaalman di payew Tubang?Did your mother harvest green rice yesterday at Tubang's field?Endi law kapemalluin ina tep kami kaumhigan mengihlab.My mother does not harvest young rice now because we are too lazy to roast it.6.2.5Harvest-en/-in-
ballukukna tree variety with edible fruit1.5.1Tree
ballunglungna large wooden bowl, commonly used for the food of pigs; troughSimbalungut6.3Animal husbandry
balolstato have value; valuableNebalbalol hu laing nem ya nenginan batu, ey anin ni hipan nebalol ni tenged et eleg mei-ingngeh balol tud balol ni laing. (Proverbs 3:15)Wisdom is more valuable than an expensive stone and no matter how valuable whatever is held, its value cannot be compared to the value of wisdom. 6B Process or state of inanimate objects.Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
balsam1na aromatic resin obtained from trees; balsam2transto embalm with balsamNetey hi Joseph di Egypt eman ni hanggatut et hampulu hu toon tu et balsamuhen da et ilungan dadman. (Genesis 50:26)Joseph died in Egypt when he was 110 years old and they embalmed him and buried him there.1.5.5Parts of a plant-en/-in-
baltung1na bean variety; mung beansIda kamemmel hu edum ni intanem mun baltung.Some of the beans that you planted are sprouting. from vegetables
baltung2nthe name of a ritual chant of the traditional religion, Baki4.9.5.4Religious ceremony
balustato become a widow or widowerNebalu eman ni dewwa u-ungnga tu.She became widow when she had two children.Ag ita kunu man-a-appeh hedin ita kemene-eng tep mebellu ita.It is said that we should not be singing while cooking because we will become a widow.Lawah elaw tu eman ni nebaluan tu.She developed a bad character when she became a widow., widowerme-/ne-Class 6D Descriptivesnebalu
baludtrans1to tie up someone in order to incapacitate or arrestEt pinhed dan belluden hi Jesus, nem ida kaumtakut idan neamung ni dakel ni tuu tep daka ibbilang hi Jesus ni prophet nan Apu Dios. (Matthew 21:46)And they wanted to arrest Jesus but they were afraid of the crowds of people because they counted Jesus as a prophet of God., capture-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact2to imprison-en/-in-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
balugna bird specie; a large brown bird similar to a pigeon1.6.1.2Bird
baluh1adjdescribes something that is newAttu pengia-appehan da etan ni baluh ni a-appeh?Where will they sing the new song?Antan tu peang-ang-ang ida etan baluh ni kamihitah tep entanni ey amyawan idan u-ungngak ey endi hu pihhuh ku.Don't be showing those new t-shirts because after awhile, my kids might like them and I don’t have money (to buy them).Balbaluh etan taddung tu nem ya hu taddung ku.His hat is newer than my hat.
baluh2na young, single manBimmaluh law etan pengulwan ni u-ungnga tun laki.His first-born son is now a young single man.Synkat-agu2.6.5Male, femaleLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano baruh
baluntrans1to prepare and take food for eating away from home; lunchMahapul ni mangngunnu ita ma-lat wada bellunen di iskul.We have to work in order to have something for lunch in school.Nambalun la ina tep kantuy ag ali um-alin emaggew.Mother took lunch because she said she won't come at noon.5.2Food-en/-in-2to take needed provisions with oneNambalun ni dakel ni pihhu, et humman hu, eleg um-anemut ingganah alin keettengan ni bulan. (Proverbs 7:20)He has taken with him a large amount of money, therefore he will not return home until the moon is full. for, supportmaN-/naN-
balundilyanrailing; a support serving as a guard or barrierIngkapyan Solomon humman idan keyew ni almug ni balundilya di Tempol niyad Palasyoh... (1 Kings 10:12a)Solomon used that almug wood for the railings of the Temple and his Palace...6.5.2Parts of a building
balungutntrough for feeding pigsSimballunglung
baluwwehna shrub variety1.5.2Bush, shrub
balwasi1nclothing; dress; shirtAttu nengal-an eyan balwasin madlang?Where did you get this red shirt?5.3Clothing2vto put on or wear clothingNabnag beneg tun petang tep ag mambalwasi hedin kamangngunnud payew.His back is sunburned by the heat of the sun because he doesn't wear a shirt when he works in the field.Ingkal da balwasi tu et pebalwasi dan hi-gatu etan madlang ni kaibbalwasin patul. (Matthew 27:28)They removed his clothes and they dressed him in the scarlet robe of a king.maN-/naN-kaibbalwasi
balyag1na large rattan basket that is carried on the back with a strap around the person's head6.7.3Carrying tool6.7.7Container2transto carry something in the basketRice bundles and sweet potatoes are the two most common things carried in the basket.Inang-ang ku la hi inam e nambalyag.I saw your mother carrying the rice.Attu nambalyagan mu?Where did you take the rice you carried?
banag1vresult; outcomeEndi nambanagan ni gatang ni killum mu tep inumah mud linglinggeman. There is no tangible result for the sale of your pig for you consumed it (the money you received) by wastefully spending it on things that have no real value. Endi kapambanagi ni daka pehpehding. There is no result from what they are doing.Simekwah29.6.2.6Result2transto give the meaning of a parableBanagim etan ab-abig mun meippanggep ni impeminhed. Give the meaning of your short story regarding love.
banahtransto add salt or pepper to water or viand; to dissolve salt in water, or place in dishBennahen ku eya ahin ni pan-ehhin tayu.I am going to dissolve this salt in water us to use.-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
banalna thorny vine variety that does not produce edible fruit1.5.3Grass, herb, vine