Vernacular - English


bakugstapoorly cooked root vegetable, usually refers to a vegetable that is undercookedNebakug hu inhibak nan ina ni ubi et lawah ni kennen.The sweet potatoes that my mother boiled are not well-cooked and so they are not good to eat.5.2.1Food preparationne-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
BakulenProp.Nthe name of village in Pula
bakunvto immunize someoneBekkunen dadda u-ungnga di Bakulen ni nunya.They are going to immunize the children of Bakulen today.2.5.7Treat disease-an/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
bakungstato be sunburned
bakwetintransto evacuate; to run and hide in the mountainsDuring World War 2, people would leave their villages and run and hide in the mountains from the Japanese soldiers.Nambakwet ida tuud C2. The people evacuated to Camp in a directionmaN-/naN-Class 1B - Movement with a directional component
balanthe organs in the chest for breathing; lungs, human or animalDinalleman ku etan inha-eng kun bala ey kimmalpew damengu.I put something over the lung that I cooked but it just the same floated.2.1.8Internal organs
balalstareal estate mortgageNeihbut ida law edum ni bibi-in u-ungnga mi, nem endi katteg dammutun pehding mi tep neibelal ni emin hu puyek mi. (Nehemiah 5:5b)Our young girl children have already become slaves, but we cannot do anything about it because all our land has been mortgaged.6.8.5Borrowmei-/nei-
balasangn1young womanBalasang ida law etan dewwan biin u-ungnga da.Their two daughters are now young women.Eleg ida ni mengahwa etan balasang ni dewwan biin u-ungnga da.Their two young adult daughters are not married yet.Simhikkenkat-aguSynkat-agumaddikit2.6.4.4Adult2to become a young womanBimmalasng ida etan dewwan u-ungnga dan bii. Their two daughters became adult, young, single women.Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
balatnbananaThe generic word for banana.Inebab da etan balat mukun lawah lutu tu.They got the bananas while they were immature that is why the ripening is not good. from fruit
balawtransto dislike someone or something; to be displeased with someone or somethingDa-ak kabellawen hi-gatu tep newetwet tak ni tuu.She dislikes me because I'm a poor man.Ida kaumbalaw hu biid bebley yu tep babaknang idan emin tuudman.The women in your place dislike us because all the people there are rich. 4E Perception and cognition
balbal1transwash clothingKaw nambalbal kan kaalman?Did you wash yesterday?Hipa kan pantalon eyan muka pennalbali?Whose pants are you washing?Endi tu nengibalbalan eyan balbalwasi tu?He didn't ever wash his shirt.5.6.4Wash clothes-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
balbal2transto hit someone very hard with a piece of woodTuka pambalbala hu agi tun bii tep kamekittutut ni hi-gatu.He is hitting his sister because she is arguing with him.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
balbalannthe timber beams that hold the rafters of a building6.5.2.2Roof
baldihna pail or bucketNebengtut hu danum di baldih tep nebayag di diman.The water in the pail is rancid because it has been there for a long time.6.7.7Container
balditvfor a pig to fight with another pig that results in the wounding of oneThe fight may also result in the death of one, particularly if a piglet is involved.Imbaldit ni killum di Kullipaw hu pina-lek di baley di ingnguhan et matey.Kullipaw’s pig fought with Ingnguhan’s piglet and it died.Ang-ang yu etan kaung di Tullimpak tep humman kaum-ibenaldit ni killum.Check on Tullimpak’s sow because that is the one fighting with other pigs. Inang-ang kayan Bahiwag hu nengipalditan ni killum dan killum nem agtu itsuha.Bahiwag saw their pig fighting your pig but he did not shoo it away.Simhugit1.6.4Animal actionsiC1-/iN-, um-/-imm-
bale-ihn1a rifle trapThis type of trap is set up to self-fire at the animal or person who comes in contact with the wiring or rope that is set to trigger the rifle.6.4.2Trap2to be shot by a rifle trapEleg matey etan ulha ni nebale-ih di myung.The boar that was shot in the forest did not
balebayfr. var. ofbayyabeyna sling used to fling stonesIn English, there is a difference between a slingshot and a sling. A slingshot has a forked handle usually made of wood with a band of rubber attached to the top of the fork prongs. A slingshot is used for shooting small stones. Like a slingshot, a sling is also used for throwing stones. It consists of a small piece of leather shaped like a pouch with two straps attached to the ends of the leather pouch. The person using a sling, places a stone in the leather pouch and swings the sling around and around by holding on to the straps. When this person releases his hold on one of the straps, the stone is propelled by centrifugal force toward the target.Hanneya nengapputan David etan ni keet-etengan ni tuud Pilistia e eleg tu usalen hu ispadah nem ebuh hu balebay tu. (1 Samuel 17:50-51b)This is the way David defeated that giant Philistine, he did not use a sword, but only with a sling.Synlastik 1palsiit, shoot
balebegna type of spear with a short head4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot
baledungtransto throw a piece of wood at something, e.g., dog, pigBineladung tu etan killum ey neiptek the tangila tu. He threw a piece of wood at the pig and it hit its ear.Ya etan kinapyak ni palek ni wahay hu impameladung tu etan ni ahhu.It is the ax handle which I made that he threw at the dog.7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
BalegProp.Na male name9.7.1.1Personal names
baleganna water bird species1.6.1.2Bird
balehtransto take revenge; to fight backImbaleh tu hu nematyan dan ametu.He revenged the killing of his father.Nakka umtakut ni an mengibleh tep dakel ida.I'm afraid to revenge it because they are many.Ida kamantuttuyyun agda pangibalhan hi nematyan dan edum da.They were regretting for their having not revenged their companion who was killed.Hipa agyu pengibbellihin da impahding ni hi-gayun nunman, kaw beken kayun laki?Why don't you revenge what they did to you before, are you not men?4.8.1HostilityiC1-/iN-Class 3G Conversive action process
balehigstaskin is dry and flakyThe condition of the skin is caused by ingrained dead skin cells and mud or dirt that was not washed properly from the skin. The skin of the hands and legs are usually the parts of the body most affected because of contact with mud and dirt while one is working in the rice field.Kamebellahig hu heli idan kamangngunnud payew.The legs of those working in the rice-field get dry-and flaky.2.1.4Skinme-/ne-
baleih1na trap set for wild animal, e.g., wild pig, deer, monkeyThis trap is a rifle set to self-fire at an animal when it activates the set-up trigger. The trap is usually placed in a forested area. 6.4.2Trap2stato be shot with a rifle trap set-upEtteteng hu ulha ni nebaleih di muyung.A large boar was shot in the
balenganna tree variety that produces nuts1.5.1Tree