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baigtransto whip very hard; to beat with an instrumentBineig James etan lakin u-ungnga tu tep sineg-il tu ahhun John et mepi-lu.James whipped his son because he threw a stone at John's dog and it was crippled.Simbadah7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
baing1intransto be ashamed; to feel shameThe meaning of this word involves the Asian concept of loss of face, or face-saving. To tell someone that they have no shame is one of the most insulting things that can be said. To have the sensitivity to feel shame when one transgresses cultural norms is important.Bimmaingngak ni nangngelan kun impahpahding tu.I was ashamed when I heard about what he had been doing.Umbaingngak ni an peang-ang hedin hi-gak humman.I would be ashamed to show myself if I were the one. 2D Emotion and sensation2transto shame someoneAg mannuman lellelgema ehel tep be-ingen daita.Don't just say anything because they will shame you. standard-en/-in-anggeba-ingba-iba-ingbe-inganmabeingmebabba-inganendi baing
baingyanwhirligig beetle1.6.1.7Insect
baka1intransto crawlKamambekka law hi baby di baley.My baby is crawling now in the house.Ya na-mun hakey bulan pambekkaan nan mahhiken.By next month perhaps baby-boy will crawl.Ang-ang mu hi agim tep umbakallid habyen ey ma-gah.See to your brother because he might crawl to the door and fall. 1A - Movement with a manner component
baka2na cowYa baka et ya killum ey iggatang idan mewan.The cow and pig will also be for sale.
bakagnshells of snails1.6.1.9Small animals
bakaltransto quarrel; to fightThe meaning of the word is generally thought of as an argument, but may involve fisticuffs or physical abuse; it is usually used only in regard to children.Nambakal di Illad nan hi Ambabbakal.Illad and Ambabbakal quarreled.Binekal tuwak Baldo eman ni linawwan mid Bili.Baldo quarreled with me when we went to Bili.Ehel mun Bukalen et agtu baklen hi Guyguyuden hedin limmaw idad iskul.Tell Bukalen not to quarrel with Guyguyuden when they go to school.Ya etan kabbubunget ni tuu ey nelakah ni mekibbekkal, nem ya etan kabbabal ni tuu ey tuka pesikked babakal. (Proverbs 15:18)An angry person easily joins in arguments, but a kind person ends arguments. 1C General class - Types of behavior
bakanna tree variety1.5.1Tree
bakasyon1nvacation4.2.9Holiday2intransto take a vacation from workNambakasyon kami et umali ak.I came as soon as I had our vacation.Language of Borrowing: English: vacation
bakawnwater lily1.5Plant
bakbakna jumping web-footed animal living near water; frogThis frog species is found in rice fields and is edible.gentukak1.6.1.4Amphibian
bakdung1na club or batSimmakut tak tep in-engatan tuwak ni bakdung.I was afraid because he was about to hit me with a bat., shoot2transto hit or beat someone with a clubSimmakuttak tep in-eyen tun bakdungen tuwak et la.I was scared because he was about to hit me with-a-piece-of-wood.-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
bakgitnthe horns or fangs of animals1.6.2Parts of an animal
BakiProp.Nthe generic term for the Ifugao religious systemThe word may refer to rituals, prayers, chants and beliefs.4.9Religion
bakidadjarchaic word for the cardinal number ten8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers
bakkalungnmale dragonfly1.6.1.7Insect
bakkukulnturtleEndi law kameang-ang ni bakkukul di kulukul tayu. There are now no turtles that are being seen in our creeks.Simkateb1. of Borrowing: Tuwali Ifugao
baklaneffeminateSynbinabbai 1nebabbai2.6.5.1Man
baklangintransto be differentDakel hu nambakbaklang ni a-appeh ni kapandaydayaw ni Apu Dios.There are many different songs for worshipping God.Ey indawat tun hi-gada kabaelan dan mengkal ni dakel ni nambakbaklang ni degeh. (Matthew 10:1b)And he (Jesus) gave them (his disciples) the ability to remove many different kinds of sicknesses. 1C General class - Tastes, odors and other features of entities
bakletstatangled hair or thread, difficult to comb or straightenNebaklet bewek tu tep eleg ni hekey manlegleg ey agtu hahhaggua.Her hair is tangled because she never washes it and never combs it.Simguyab7.5.4.2Tangle5.4.3Care for hairme-/ne-Class 6D Descriptives
baklungtransto eat food greedily by the mouthfulThis way of eating is considered to be a lack of self-control and a lack of good manners.Kapanbaklungan Yegyeg eman kennen ni neibenew.Yegyeg is greedily eating that served food. 5.2.2Eat
baknang1nto be richAg dakemi eggian hi-gada tep beken kamin baknang.They don't count us as their relatives because we are not rich. become richTalagah ni impalad tu hu umbaknang?It is probably his fortune to become 2G Processes
baknegtransto drop something heavyImbakneg tu etan pinhan tun keyew ey nebengwah.He dropped the wood he carried and it broke into two.Kele mu nemabkegan?Why did you drop it?Kele immen ali kamebennabkeg ni batu?Why are there stones dropping?Ehel mu et agtu babkegen hedin ihha-ad tu.Tell him not to drop it hard if he puts it down. downiC1-/iN-, -en/-in-Class 3B Move and release an object
baksingnthe sport of boxing4.2.6.2SportsLanguage of Borrowing: English
baktadintransto lay down on backLimmaw ni umbaktad tep nandegeh.She went to lie down because she is sick.7.1.3Lie downum-/-imm-, maN-/naN-Class 2B Movement, change of position