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bagaystato be fitting or appropriateBagay tun hi-gam hu an meki-ungbal ni hi-gada tep inamtam ida.It is appropriate that you be the one to talk to them because you know them.Syndayu, properLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
bagbagprocfor stems of plants or trunks of palms to lose their water content and totally dry outNangkebagbagan ida etan neiha-pey ni dagemi. The rice stems that were left to dry have become completely dry.Kamangkebagbagi etan netukkad ni balat.The banana plant that fell down is becoming completely dry.1.5.6Growth of plantsmangke-/nangke-
bagebagnthe dried stem of plants; dried stalks1.5.5Parts of a plant
Bagel1na type of prayer ritualTraditional religion2vto perform ritual prayerHipadda nambagel di alang Patukalang?Who performed the Bagel-ritual in Patukalang's granary?Imbaglan da bibiyaw di Hebheb.They performed the Bagel-ritual for the fairies in Hebheb.Kele heni immen ida kaumbagebagel di baley yu?Why is it like there are people performing the Bagel-ritual in your house?4.9.5Practice religionmaN-/naN-; i- -an/iN- -an
bagewahna traditional religious ritual for calling on or invoking deities4.9.5Practice religion
Baggayenncharacter in traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
baghayna type of spear with a long pointThe baghay-spear has a long double sharp pointed blade with one prong on each side. It was used for self defense against night raiders or avengers during the times of revenge killing and also as a part of some ritual paraphernalia.Nanengtud baley mi hu baghay nan ama ni illak ali eman ni 1995.My father's baghay-spear that I got in 1995 is still in our house.Simpikah4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot4.9.5Practice religion
baginownership; a possession6.8.1.5Possession, property
bagihtransto cut open and remove something from a person or animal; to remove an internal organ from a butchered animalBinegih da ulpu tu et ekalen da hu hebit.They cut open his thigh and removed the thorn.Daka pambeggiha etan killum ni imbaki da ma-lat ang-angen da apgu tu hedin kayyaggud.They are cutting open the ritually sacrificed pig to see if its gall bladder (bile sac) position is good.Simdaut7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
bagingeyna creeping fern variety used in weaving chicken coops and as a rope1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
bagiw1na type of the traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
bagiw21nseaweed; moss1.5.4Moss, fungus, algae2stato be covered with mossKaumkudlih di wangwang tep nangkebagiwan hu batu.One can slip in the river because the stones are covered with moss.nangke- -an
bagtu1nname of ritual for finding an offender4.7.5Trial4.9.5Practice religion2transto perform a traditional religious ritual for finding the identity of th offender in a crime through the power of a deity concerned being invoked by a shamanImbagtu da himmak da kunu etan nenakew.They performed the ritual and apparently they found the one who stole (it).Nambabagtuddan kaalman di Nampaling tep ya netalak ni pihhuh tu.They performed the ritual yesterday at Nampaling because of his lost money.iC1-/iN-, maN-/naN-
BagyunnaProp.Nthe name of a place in Pula
bagyuyyunna type of vine; vine variety1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
bahagntree variety with edible fruit1.5.1Tree
BahagProp.Nthe name of village in Antipolo
bahbahtransto destroy somethingBinahbah idan Hapon hu iskul di Asipulo eman ni gubat.The Japanese destroyed the school in Antipolo during the war.Kele muka bennahbaha eya kinapyan amam ni yuddungan?Why are you destroying this seat that your father made?Inang-ang ku nemahbahan dan baley yu eman ni gubat.I saw when they destroyed your house during the war.7.9.3Destroy-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object nebahbah
BahhiwagProp.Na male name9.7.1.1Personal names
bahinthe archaic or ritual word for wine5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage
bahigtransto castrate a four-legged animal, e.g., pigs, dogs, carabaoBinehigan da etan ahhun Juan ni kaalman.They castrated Juan's dog yesterday.Ehel mun Carlos et bahigan tu etan killum ni kabbuhhan.Tell Carlos to castrate the pig tomorrow.Simegatpenah6.3.8.2Castrate animal-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
bahugna tree variety1.5.1Tree
bahuhna type of wine jar with drawing on it5.2.1.4Food storage
bahul1na fault; a crime; a sinHi-gam kambahul tep hineplat mu.It is your fault because you beat him with a stick., immoral2intransto have a fault; to be guilty of not meeting a standard of behaviorNambahul ka tep ya inhel mu.You are at fault because of what you said.Hipa gaputun nak nambahulan?What is the reason that I am at fault?Hin-addum ni yad ehel kamambahhuli.Sometimes your words make you be at fault.maN-/naN-
bahuttransthe appearance or sound of an omen-bird intervenes and prevents the action of someoneTraditionally, the pitpit bird was believed to warn people to prevent catastrophe.Behhuten dakeyu la mannuman ni pitpit tep agyu ibegan ammed yu ey kayu umlaw.The omen-bird will prevent you (give you a bad sign) because you did not ask permission from your parents yet you will go.Binehut dakemi tu-wangu numan.We were really given a bad sign.Imbahut tud Anao et mambangngad kami.The omen-bird sounded at Anao so we returned.-en/-in-, iC1-/iN-Class 4E Perception and cognition