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butbut2fr. var. ofbu-but
butedna bamboo varietyA type of bamboo that grows in the forest and climbs on trees or crawls on bushes as it cannot stand on its own.Yad muyung hu kad-an ni kedaklan ni buted. It is in the forest where the buted-bamboo is abundant.Simbayyugkaweyanuggew1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
buteng1stato be intoxicated; to be drunkNebuteng idan kaalman hu tuud payew Hinayyup.The people were drunk yesterday at Hinayyup's field.Attu nebutengan yun kaalman?Where were you drunk yesterday? 6A Physiological process – state2to cause intoxication; to cause someone to be drunkBinuteng tu hi Tomas.He made Tomas drunk.Buttengen dakan San Miguel hedin tagan mu inum.You will be drunk with San Miguel if you continue drinking.Hipa imbuteng da ey endi bubud tu?What were they drunk with yet she has no wine?Simkimat1 1-en/-in-
butgidial. var.butkitrans1to make an opening in something wrapped; to break open the wrapper of something wrappedBinutgian ni utut hu nesiplagan ni detag.A rat made a hole (lit. opening) in the meat that was wrapped.Nebutgian hu siniplagan tun ginga.The snails that he wrapped were opened.I-lim et hi-gak memutgi.Bring it here and I will be the one to open it.Butgiim eya nesiplagan et ang-angen mu. Break open that which is wrapped and see what it is. something out of something-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something2to split openNangkebutgi etan ida lameh ni eleg matebal ni balat. The fruit of the banana trees that were not cut down have split open.mangke-/nangke-
butin1a bottleAn pimmehik ni buti et pengep-uh tu.He went and broke a bottle and used it to scrape.6.7.7Container2for a bottle to be filled with somethingInukat Samuel hu neibuti ni lanan olibah et iduyag tud ulun Saul. (1 Samuel 10:1a)Samuel took out the bottle of olive oil and poured it on the head of Saul.nei-
butkidial. var. ofbutgitransto make a hole or an opening in a wrappingBinutkian ni manuk hu nesiplagan ni gaga.The chicken made a hole in the wrapped rice.Nebutkian hu sinaplagan mun sinapay.The wrapper of the bread that you wrapped is broken open. something out of something
butnakintrans1to sit down carelessly on floor or ground so that clothes become dirtyBimmutnak idan emin di det-al ni dintengan da tep neatu ida.They all sat down carelessly on the floor when they arrived because they were tired.7.1.2Situm-/-imm-Class 2B Movement, change of position2to just sit being idle or lazyKenayun ni kamambutbutnak ni ebuh hi Joyce tep mahigan mangngunnu.Oftentimes Joyce is just sitting down idly because she is too lazy to work. maN-/naN-
butsugintransto be pregnant; pregnancy Alma hu intang-an Karen ni nambutsugan tu.Crab was the food that Karen craved when she was pregnant. Entanniy dingngel Apu Dios hu dasal tu et mambutsug hi Rebekah. (Genesis 25:21)Later, God heard his (Isaac's) prayer and Rebecca became pregnant., maN- -an/naN- -anClass 1E Physiological functions and body conditions
buttatanmustard greensDakel hu lineing tun buttata ni ihhida tayu.She picked plenty of mustard greens for our viand. from vegetables
butungnskin of pomelo1.5.5Parts of a plant
buut1nmold; may also refer to cobwebsNem hedin ang-angen ni padi ey kamangke-kal etan buut ni nengibalbalan da, ey bi-kien tu humman ni nebuutan et ekalen tu. (Leveticus 13:56)But if the priest examines it and sees that the mold is fading (on the garment) that they have washed, then he is to tear off the part contaminated by the mold and remove it.Dakel hu buut di bawang ni baley da tep eleg tu linnihi.There are plenty of cobwebs inside their house because she does not clean it.1.5.4Moss, fungus, algae2stato be moldyNebuutan detag ni netellun aggew di patsay.The meat that was left for three days on the shelf is -an/ne- -an
buwetna squirrel-like herbivorous mammal that lives in the forest in a hollow log with finger-like pawsThe animal mainly lives on a creeping-palm-like plant for food.Dewwa hu dinweng dan buwet.They hunted two squirrels.Eleg da pinhed ni kennen hu buwet tep maewet ni galgalen hu laman tu.They do not like to eat squirrel because its meat is hard to chew.
buwissp. var.bewisntaxesPigantu mu nambaydan ni buwis mu?When did you pay your tax?Et mukun lebbeng tun mambeyyad itsun buwis idan ap-apu, tep hi Apu Dios hu nemilin hi-gadan mengippaptek ni ngunud gubilnu. (Romans 13:6)That is why it is right to pay taxes to the authorities, because God chose them to supervise the work of the government.6.8.8Tax
buya1nnest, e.g., bird1.6.5Animal home2vto build a nestImmen nambuyan emayud keyew.There is a nest-built by a bird in the tree.naN-binuyya
buyag1na ritual that is performed in someone’s granary on the night of his rice harvest day4.9.5Practice religion2vto perform the buyag ritualHipa nambuyag di alang yu?Who performed the ritual in your granary?Hi Gumminga ey hu pambuyag yu haggud um-alin nunya.Let Gumminga perform the ritual since he is coming today. Attu nambuygan mun nahdem?Where did you perform the ritual last evening?4.9.5Practice religionmaN-/naN-
buybuyntail of roosterNangkungkung hu Bu-kungngi ni buybuy ni peltan.Bu-kung put a rooster's tail on her head.1.6.2Parts of an animal
buynguhsp. var. ofbayngehtransto tie things into bundles, e.g., rice stalks, garlicBinuynguh dan emin lituku.They bundled all the rattan fruit.Yu panbuynguh ida eman nemag-anan ni tapal et tayu igettang.Go and tie those dried bulbs of garlic into bundles and we will sell them.7.5.4Tie
buyuntransto lower an object Traditional houses were always elevated, and entry was by using a ladder that was kept hanging on a wall. The word was primarily used for lowering and handing the ladder or a bamboo water container to someone on the ground outside of the door.Ehel mun Ballawen et buyunen tulli teytey et humgep ida eya mangili.Tell Ballawen to lower the ladder so that these visitors can enter.Buyun mulli etan hakey ni alweg et nak iehul.Hand down that bamboo container and I'll go to fetch water.Kele ag mulli buyyuna teytey et humgep kami?Why don't you lower the ladder so we can come in? Endi mengibbuyun ni teytey tep nangkeugip idan emin.There is no one to lower the ladder because they are all sleeping.7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4