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babakkaInf. ofbaka2ncows; the plural form of baka1. animals
baballeyInf. ofbaleynhouses; the plural form of baley6.5.1.1House
babawihintransto repent of wrong-doing; to change mindKamambabawih di lawah ni impenahding tu tep makaggeh di puhu tu.He is repenting of the evil things he has been doing because it hurts his heart.Simtuttuyyutuyu 1C - General class - attitudeLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
babba1adjlower levelWadaddadman hu ebabban tuping ni luhud ni neikapyaan idan appuyyan. (Ezekiel 46:23)They were at-that-place with low stone walls where fireplaces were built.Synbabah 12transto lower somethingIbabba yudda eman neitakyad ni balat di daulen ni baley ma-lat han-adang idan u-ungnga.Lower those bananas tied under the house so that the kids will be able to reach them. something-en/-in-ebabbakababba
babbagga1transto initiate a fight or argument with someoneBinabbaggaan Pedro hi Juan et mantutut ida.Pedro initiated an argument with Juan and so they argued.Hi Roberto nemabbaggan nandeppapan dan Carlos.Roberto was the one who initiated the fight when he fought with Carlos. -an, meN-/neN-Class 5C Goal oriented sites
babbagga2transto provoke a person or an animal to angerEhel muddan u-ungnga et eleg da babbaggaan hi Danglay tep kabbubunget.Tell the kids not to provoke Danglay because he is easily angered.Antan tu babbaggai eman ahhu tep umkalat.Don't provoke that dog because it will bite. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
babbal1transto speak softlyKantu ey babbalen ku ehel.He told me to speak softly.Impebabbal ku ehel ku ey ag medngel.I spoke softly and it couldn't be heard. quietly-en/-in-Speech Verbs – Manner of speaking2nkindPeang-ang yu kumaddan babbal yun hi-gada, et pautangan yuddan mahapul da. (Deuteronomy 15:8)You should show your kindness to them, and loan them what they need.4.3.4Do good to2.1nto show kindness or gentlenessNakka iddasal e meweddan hi-gayun emin hu binabbal nan Apu Dios. (Colossians 4:18c) I pray that there may be with all of you the kindness (lit. show kindness) of God.-en/-in-binabbalkabbabbal
babbassilInf. ofbasil1na game using small flat stonesBabbassil is a game where you use small, flat stones. The aim of the game is to sink the small stone in a hole by hitting with a bigger flat stone. The way you hit the smaller stone with the bigger stone is by an underarm manner of throwing. The hole is about fifteen to twenty feet from the starting line. There is no limit to the number of players but five to six is enough players to play the game. The first one to sink his/her small stone is the first winner, the second one takes the second place and so on until the last player sinks his/her small stone. It can be played by both sexes but usually it is the boys who play the game most of the time. Another way of playing is to place pebbles in a circle drawn on the ground. The players use their flat stones to hit the pebbles out of the circle. The one who hits the most pebbles outside the circle wins. play the babbassil gameKami kamambabbassil ey umdateng di Alfred nan Jarod.We were playing babbassil when Afred and Jarod arrived.maN-/naN-
babbayungsp. var.babbayyungnbee speciesKamampaypayapey hu payak idan edum ni babbayung niyadda papayya ni daka penuphupin malumi-ih ni danum ni habung ni kameitnem.The wings of some bees and butterflies flap continuously as they suck nectar from the flowers of a plant.
babbayyungsp. var. ofbabbayungnbee species1.6.1.7Insect
babnakvto drop fruit from tree, e.g., pomeloAntan tu benabnak tep mebahbah.Don't be dropping them because they will be destroyed.Hipa kamemennabnak ni lumban?Who is dropping the pomelo?
babuynmature, castrated male pigMateba niya lidem idan emin etan epat ni babuy Duppingngay.Duppingngay's four male pigs are all fat and black.Inggatang tu babuy tun enem ni gatut.He sold his male pig for six hundred.antkaung1.6.7Male and female animals
badahtransto whip or beat someoneBinedah tuwak ni hagad di beneg ku.He beat me on my back with a broom.Nesiwsiw etan lakin u-ungnga tu et humman hu nampemadahan tun hi-gatu.His son was naughty and that's why he had been whipping him.Simbaigheplat 2heplit 2kumpat 27.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
badangvto pass byWadadda nebadang ni tuun panyuyyuddungid Bahag.There were people who passed by while we were sitting in Bahag.
badbadtransto undo a rope or strip of cloth wrapped around something or rolled into a ball shapeBadbad ka eyan linubid et panlakeh ku eyan ittungu.Undo a length of that rope for me to bundle this firewood.Binadbad to hu binuhlan tu et mampantalon.He unwrapped his G-string and wore a pair of pants.7.3.4Handle something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
BadbadProp.Nname of a rice field in AntipoloIda kaman-enid Badbad di payew di Jose nan Caridad.They are harvesting rice in Badbad, the rice-field of Jose and Caridad.9.7.2Name of a place
baddangtransto help or assist someoneBaddanganak anhan.Please help me.Immaliddan han-aamma ni an umbaddang ni hi-gami. The father and the children came to help us.Simda-da -an, um-/-imm-Class 5C Goal oriented sites
badektransto unintentionally step on something as you walk Imbadek Peter etan uleg di dalan nem eleg tu kalaten.Peter unintentionally stepped on the snake on the road but it did not bite him.Simakyangkeyang7.2.1.1WalkiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
badeng1transto place a rope, string or wire between two polesMu ibedeng eya linubid et pangiha-peyan tayun balwasi.Go and tie this rope for our drying of clothes.Simgadeng 3A Move and position an object at a site2va cloud formation with the appearance of a line across the skyKakkayyaggud hu kulput ni neibedeng di kabunyan. The stretch of cloud formation in the sky is beautiful. hang something across, e.g., wire, string, vineHipa nengibedeng eman ni wakal?Who hung that vine?Yad Nepayew la hu nengipalpuan dan da nengibadngan etan ni gigit.It was in Nepayew where they began lining that wire.Hipa daka pengibbeddengin nunman?Why are they hanging that?Hipadda kaan-umibedebedeng ni kullinsi?Who are those hanging electric wires?iC1-/iN-, mengi-/nengi-
badkangintranswild animals move from one place to anotherHin-addum ni ida kamambinadkang etan ulhud ya.Sometimes the wild pigs come over here.Kamambinadkang etan hakey ni makwah eyad dewwan duntug.The only deer often moves between these two mountains.Endi kuma law an nebadkangan ida etan ni dakel tadaw.The monkeys do not come over here anymore.7.2MovemaN-/naN-Class 1B - Movement with a directional component
badukvsexual urge; sexual arousalSimbigaw2.6.2Sexual relations
baengna small area with a bit of stagnant water in it and is usually in a gully; stagnant poolWada inang-ang min baeng di gilig ni dalan. There is a stagnant pool at the edge of the trail.Dakel hu baeng etan di nehayyukung. There are many stagnant pools in the valley.1.3.1Bodies of water
baewstahouses or other buildings are deserted and emptyMebe-ew ni linggu hu baley da tep man-aldan ida law di Attaban ni kabbuhhan. Their house will be empty by Sunday because they are now transferring to Attaban.Nebaew etan baley mid Bahag tep nan-aldan/nan-etan kamid Dugyu.Our house in Bahag is now empty because we transferred to Dugyu.Emin idalli huyyan etta-teng niya kakkayyaggud ni baballey ey mangkebahbah ida niya mangkebe-ew ida. (Isaiah 5:9b)All of these large, beautiful homes will be destroyed and they will become deserted and empty. 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
bagatrans1to ask for something from someoneAggak abuluten tuka ibbaga tep dakel.I did not accept what he is asking for because it is too much.3.3.2Request2to ask a questionMu ibegan Pedro hedin pigantulli ellian dad baley yu.Ask Pedro when they will be coming to your house.
bagatna secondary postThe secondary post holds together both the side floor beams and the transverse girders by its tenon inserted into the mortise of the side floor beams down into the mortise of the transverse girders. The upper tenon of the secondary post is hooked into the mortise of the purlin.Kayyaggud hu amug ni kapyaen ni bagat tep ag mebet-ag.The amug-tree is a good tree to make as a secondary post because it does not crack. Ingkapya da hu bagat ni baley nan Jordan ni kaalman.They placed the secondary posts of Jordan’s house yesterday.