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basikulsp. var.batsikulnsnail
basilna small, flat stone used in the game babbassil4.2.6.1Gamebabbassil
basinnkidney2.1.8Internal organs
basketna basketNangkabwel ida manggan neiha-ad di basket.The mangoes in the basket are rotten.6.7.7ContainerLanguage of Borrowing: English
basuh1na cup or a glassIhha-ad mu idan duyu, iduh ey basuh di lamesaan.Place plates, spoons and cups on the table.5.1Household equipment2transto place something in a cup or a glassIbasuh mu danum.Put water in the glass.iC1-/iN-
batagintranseyes tinged with blood; bloodshot eyesThe bloodshot eyes may be due to sleepless nights or irritation of a foreign body in the eye.Bimmatag hu mata etan idan tuud baley mi tep eleg idan hekey maugip ni hileng.The eyes of the people in our house are red because they did not sleep at all at night. 2C Physiological functions
Batangna village near Pula9.7.2Name of a place
batangasna coffee berry variety6. coffee
batbat1nthe name of an invocational ritual chant of the traditional religion4.9.5Practice religion2intransto perform the ritual chantIda law kamematbat hu mabeki di baley mi.The shamans are now chanting the batbat-ritual in our house.4.9.5Practice religion
batbatunthe male sex glands; testicles2.1.8.3Male organs
batek1na pattern of colors or designs8.3.1.8Pattern, design2transto mark the skin with a design; to tattooedBinetekan tu angah tun andeket.He tattooed his face with black.Nebatekan ida nangke-innan iBontok.The old women from Bontoc are tatooed.Ya gawwang nematek ni silay.It is the crow that tattooed the lizard.Hi-gak hu mengibbettek ma-lat yayyaggudek.I will be the one to tattoo so that I will make it good.-an/-in- -an, me- -an/ne- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
batewil1na wooden pole for carrying bundles of items placed on both ends especially unhusked riceNengina law hu bayad ni batewil. The payment for a batewil-pole is now very expensive.Nebahbah dama hu batewil Pedro ni nalgaban ni baley tu.Pedro's batewil-pole was also destroyed when his house burned down. 6.7.3Carrying tool2transto carry bundles of rice on a pole on the shoulderA batewil is a wooden pole made for carrying bundles of unhusked rice. The middle of the pole is flat where it rests on the shoulder, or occasionally on the head, of the person carrying bundles of rice. A strong Ifugao man can carry as many as thirty or more bundles on a batewil pole with fifteen or more bundles on each end of the pole.Binetawil dan emin hu pagey ni inenidad payew Dulnuan. They have carried-on-a-pole all the unhusked-rice that they harvest at Dulnuan's rice-field. Lakkay et mulli batewilen etan natdaan ni pagey di alang Peter. Go and carry-on-a-pole the left-over unhusked-rice at Peter's granary.-en/-in-
batihtransto leave something or someone behindNebatih ali hu taddung kud baley di Kindipan.My hat was left behind at Kindipan’s house.Kan Esau ey “Anin, nem ibbatih kudda edum ni tuuk ni pan-e-dum yu.” Nem kan Jacob ey “Eleg, anin ebuh kami nemet peang-ang mu hu kayyaggud ni hi-gami.” (Genesis 33:15b)Esau said, “Ok, but I will leave some of my men to be your companions.” But Jacob said, “No (need to do that), we will just go on alone as-long-as you show us kindness.” somethingiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionallyLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
batlinthe skin pouch containing the testicles; scrotum2.1.8.3Male organs
batneng1na dike in a rice field2transto divide a rice field by building a mud wall; to build a dikeThis is usually done when the ground is uneven to prevent the water from draining to the lower partBinatneng tu tep andukkey ni eken.He built a dike because the rice-field-terrace is long.Neienud hu imbatneng tu tep helek.The dike he built is washed away because it was grass.Ag melbeng hu bengwah tu tep ag mebatneng.The other end is not filling up (with water) because there is no dike.6.2.2Land preparation-en/-in-
batsikawndesigns and patterns for loom weaving6.6.4Crafts
batsikulsp. var. ofbasikul
battanvto be between two other thingsEy linabhan da law dalan ni neibattan di dewwan duntug niya mandedyaddad Geba. (Isaiah 10:29a)And they have crossed the pass between the two mountains and they are spending the night in Geba.
battugna frog specie; bullfrogThis frog species lives in creeks and rivers and is edible.Dakel battug di lebeng.There are many big frogs in the lake.Melpelhat hu battug ni ihhida.Frog is very delicious for viand.gentukak1.6.1.3Reptile
battukungintransto lie on stomach Impambattukung tu hi mahhiken ni impaugip.He laid their baby-boy on his stomach to sleep.Inna-nun tu pambattukungan tep nambutsug.There is no way for her to lie on her stomach because she is pregnant.7.1.3Lie downmaN-/naN-Class 1B Movement with a directional component
batu1na stone; a rockDakel hu batu di wangwang.There are many rocks in the river. be stony or rockyMabetu etan habal mi.Our sweet potato field is
baun1transtemporary consensual stopping of work by the rice field group workersBineun idan biin nunya hu ubbu da. The women took the day off today from their rice-field-group-work.Kele endi tayu kapeme-uni et itsu mangyew?Why don't we have a day off from our rice-field-group-work so we can go and gather firewood?Ehel yuddan edum et baunen tayun bewahtu.Tell our companion so that we will take a day off from our rice-field group work the day after tomorrow. with someone6.2.7Farm worker-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognition
baun2sp. var. ofba-unstafor a child to have a delayed speech developmentEleg metunnung hu kapanheppita etan ni u-ungnga tep nebaun hu hapit tu. It is unclear what the child is saying because he has delayed speech development.
bawangnthe inside of a building or containerIda kaum-akyam hu tubbaybay di bawang ni baley hedin hileng.Cockroaches are swarming inside the house when it is night time.
bawegstato be barren; to be unable to have childrenNebaweg hi Clarisa et endi dametun an man-ungnga.Clarisa is barren and so she will not able to bear a 6A Physiological process – state