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aluduhintransto walk alongside a fence, retaining wall or slopePakkadek man-elluduh kayud anibat ni lawwan yud baley da tep neanibat.You will have to walk alongside the fence when you go to their house because it is fenced. 1A Movement with a manner component
alugubtransto keep embers aliveThe firewood with embers are gathered together in the fireplace and covered with ashes to keep the embers alive.Elluguben ku hu apuy ma-lat eleg matey.I will keep the embers of the fire alive so it will not die.5.5.2Tend a fire-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
alukudtransto walk beside a person to help or guide him to a nearby place; to accompany someone in order to guideInelukud ku hi Kevin tep nebuteng et nak paugip.I walked beside Kevin to guide him because he was drunk and then, put him to bed.Alukud mu eya u-ungnga di yuddungngan tu.Guide this child to his seat. 4B Tactile - Touch contact
alukuytransto seduce someoneAng-ang yu et eleg dakeyu alukuyen ni henin nunman ni bii. (Proverbs 7:25a)Be careful not to be seduced by that kind of woman.Et humman hu, hi-gam e u-ungngak, ey entan an paelukuy etan ni biin wada ahwa tu. (Proverbs 5:20a)Therefore, you my son, do not be seduced by a woman who has a husband. sexually-en/-in-
alwah1nupper section of the trunk of a felled treeTraditional houses were built on the bottom half of four tree trunks.2transto cut a felled tree in half; to cut a felled tree in the middleIn-alwah tu impanlengeh tu.He cut the tree he felled at the middle.Kele neialwah hu impanlengeh mu?Why is the tree that you felled cut at the middle?7.8.3Cut
alweg1na bamboo tube used for carrying waterMu ala hu alweg et kalli man-ahul.Get the bamboo-tube and go to fetch water. Simtutungbu6.7.7Container2transto get water with the bamboo tubePigantu nengialwegan mu etan ni danum di palyuk?When did you put the water from the vat into the bamboo tube?
am-ama-annthe thumb on the hand and big toe on the footYa am-ama-an hu kapampilma etan idan eleg da amta mantuddek.The thumb is being used for signing as thumb mark by those who cannot write.gengalumeymeykimeng, toeam-ama-an ni heli
am-ama-an ni heliam-ama-anhelithe big toeLimmebag hu am-ama-an ni winillin helik tep neteptep ni batu.The big toe on my left foot is swollen because it was crushed by a rock., toe
am-amhikna praying mantis1.6.1.7Insect
am-amiyyengstato be quiet; to be tranquilAm-amiyyeng ni gawan hileng hedin neugip ida hu tuu.It is quiet at midnight when the people are asleep. 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
amanmale parent; fatherNakaa-allak hi ama.I greatly resemble my father., motherkaemmaanhan-aammahan-amanea-ammapengemmaan
amagtransto make somethingHigatu nengamag ni dalan ni umlaw di muyung.He was the one who made the way going to the forest.Pigantu nengamgan tu?When did he make it?6.1Work-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
Ambabbakalnthe name of one of the deities of the traditional religion4.9.5Practice religion
ambayungna woman's woven bag, mainly used to carry the ingredients for the betel nut chewSimpinuhha6.7.7.1Bag
ambekenInf. ofbeken1is notadv.predIt is notAmbeken ni henin nunya...(Romans 10:6-7d)It is not like that...aN-ambeken numan
ambeken numanph. v. ofambekennumanadv.predan expression meaning it is not as a matter of factThis adverbial predicate includes a negative form to emphatically affirm that something is not true. The expression is generally used in reference to what another person has said when others are listening.Kan mu ey taddung mu etan intaddung tu nem ambeken numan.You say that the hat he is wearing is yours but it is not, as a matter of fact.
ambubungnganInf. ofbubungnomthe ridge of a roof 6.5.2Parts of a buildingaN-, -an
ambuleyadjunctan expression meaning it's no wonder or it's not surprising that there has been a particular consequence or result of an action or eventKamandedgeh hi inetu et humman na-mu hu ambuley kaum-abtun meibbangngad ni kaalman. Her mother is sick so probably it's no wonder that she was wanting to return yesterday.Ambuley nimmangih tam hineplat mu.No wonder he cried, after all you hit him.
ameh1trans to envy; to be jealous; to covetThis word describes feelings of discontent and ill will because of another person's advantages or possessions.Lawah hu ita um-ameameh ni edum ni tuu. It is bad to be envying other people.Lawah an keemmehan hu edum ni tuu tep lintu deitsun emin ni Meknengan. It is bad to be jealous of other people because we are all created by God.Ida kameemmeh hu agi tun hi-gatu. His relatives are envious of him.Morphology: The affix set um-/-imm- cross-references the person undergoing or experiencing the feeling of jealousy or envy. The affix set -an/-in- -an cross-references the person who is being envied.
3.4Emotionum-/-imm-, -an/-in- -anClass 2D Emotion and sensation
ameh2transa traditional religion curse ritual asking a deity to inflict sickness, death or an evil thing on someoneInamhan da hi Lindawan tep bimmaknang.They performed a curse-ritual on Lindawan because he became rich.Simayak 2du-gahidut -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
Amenadjunctan expression of agreement or approvalEmin itsu ey kantayuy "Amen! Daydayaw tayu hi Apu Dios!" (1 Chronicles 16:36d)As for all of us, we say "Amen! We worship God!"Language of Borrowing: English
amigutrans1to tame a wild animalNeamigu law etan dimpap dan immeyew ni newang.The wild carabao that they caught is now tamed.6.3Animal husbandry2to civilize a peopleYa Malikanu hu nengamigu ni hi-gatsun tuud Pilipinas.The Americans are the ones who civilized us, the people of the Philippines.
amihtrans1to overpower someone; to defeat someoneInemih Dayyawen hi Du-yuk ni nambultungan da.Dayyawen beat Du-yuk when they wrestled.-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact2to underestimate; to underrateTuka a-amiha hi Binbinen tep nea-amma.He is underestimating Binbinen because he is old.3.2.5Opinion
aminultransto swallow without chewingAminul mun emin eya agah.Swallow all this medicine without chewing.Ineminul kun emin etan bukel ni kammun emminulen ku.I have swallowed all the seeds that you told me to swallow. Simekmun5.2.2.4Manner of eating-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
AmkidulProp.Nin the traditional religious system, this was one of the gods, god of thunder4.9.2Supernatural being