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alipuhhapuhnair that whirls, moving forward and picking up dust and other particles from the ground; whirlwindKamampantattayyab bulung ni keyew tep ya alipuhhapuh.The tree leaves are flying everywhere because of the whirlwind.Impeehbuk ni alipuhhapuh hu dep-ul di bintawwan mi. The whirlwind caused the dust in our yard to blow away.Kamampambelbeliwetwet hu helek di kadellanan alipuhhapuh.The grass is twirling on the path of a whirlwind.
alitengtengstato be unconscious due to the physical impact from falling down, a punch, a wound or being hit hardDinuntuk Leguyyu hu ulu nan Pugong ey nealitengteng.Leguyyu punched Pugong’s head and he became unconscious. consciousnessme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
aliwetstato be dizzy; to feel faint, unable to focus eyesNakka meelliwet ni manliklikweh di tukud.I feel dizzy from going around and around the post.Ya kilkil ni ulu tu kaumhulun ni tuka keelliwsi.It is his headache that causes him to faint.Ya ininum tun bubud hu gaputun nealiwetan tu.The rice wine that he drank is the reason why he felt dizzy.2.5.6Symptom of diseaseme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
alladdab1na type of skin rashSimguggunnul 22.1.4SkinClass 6A Physiological process – state2stato have a skin rashNealladdab hu beneg kun nangkalat idan etan ni abbun.My back is covered with a rash, having been bitten by
alladdu1na key or padlockMu alladdu hu habyen et humgep ida tuu.You unlock the door so they can enter. 6.7.5Fastening tool2transto lock or unlock a door with a key or lock with a padlockIalladdum etan habyen ma-lat endi mengibbeghul.Padlock the door so that no one will open it.Ehel mun amam et alladduen tu hu habyen ni baley yu.Tell your father to unlock the door of your house.7.5.2Join, attach7.5.2.4Remove, take apartiC1-/iN-, -en/-in-
allagganan ant species, they are green and edibleThe ants live on tree leaves.
allahhingna blowfly speciesThe blowfly deposits eggs or maggots on meat or in wounds.
allahing1nfly species, blowflyDakel hu allahhing tep ya etan nabwel ni detag.There are many blowflies because of the rotten meat. blowflies to gather on foodHephepim eya detag di duyu tep meallahhingan.Cover up the meat on the dish because the blowflies will get into it.Kameallahhingi hu nediih ni balat. Blowflies get into rotten bananas. me- -an/ne- -an
allaktransto make wine by boiling old fermented sticky rice after the wine has already been taken out from it. The water used in boiling turns into wine after it has cooled downAllak mu etan nebenghitan ni lameh di pa-nay et wada inumen tayu. Boil to make wine from the old fermented rice in the jar so we will have something to drink.Inallak ina etan lameh ni lawah danum tu.My mother boiled into wine the fermented rice that did not have good juice.Antan tu ibbeng etan nangkebenghitan ni lameh et allaken tayulli. Do not throw away the old fermented rice so we can boil it into wine. preparation-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
allangngawna tiny fly; midge; gnatAntan e-wab tu bungut mu tep wada umhegep ni allangngaw.Don't be opening your mouth because flies will enter.
AllawahProp.Nname of maleHi Allawah hu ngadan ni ama nan ni Andalet.Allawah is the name of Andalet's father.Yad Bihaccal hu nambebleyan nan hi Allawah. It is in Bihaccal where Allawah lives. names
allawkadtancomp. ofa-allawkaditanimperativean imperative telling someone to get away from thereThis word is a compound consisting of a-allaw, ka, and ditan.
allayyenna type of vegetable5. from vegetables
Allim1Prop.Nthe name of an Ifugao epic2vto sing the Allim epicIda law kaman-allim di baley Begheng nunya.They are singing the Allim epic at Begheng's house now.Kaw inalliman da hu neteyyan nan Ayyangget?Did they sing the Allim epic during Ayyangget's death?Neugippak ey immen nakka deddengelan kaum-enallim.I was asleep and I was hearing somebody singing the Allim epic.3.5.4Story4.2.3.3Sing
allinewsp. var.allinnew1nshade cast by something blocking the sun's rays; shadowEleg meang-ang hu allinew di engeenget tep ya benang hu tuka keltui.The shadow cannot be seen in the dark because it is the light that creates it. shade someone or somethingInallinewan muwak.You are shading me.-an/-in- -an
allinnewsp. var. ofallinew
allittanna string used in spinning a top4.2.7Play, fun
alluhna contribution; a donationSimammung6.8.3.1Give, donate
alma1na shellfish species; crab1.6.1.5Fish2transto catch crabsItsu mengalman mahmahdem.We will go catch crabs this evening.Attu yu nengalmaan?Where did you go to catch crabs?Endi law mika an pengalmai tep ya ingngunu.We don't go catching crabs anymore because of our work.Da-ak impengalman linawwan kud Viscaya nem endi nak illa.They let me go to Vizcaya and catch crabs but I did not get any.meN-/neN-
almasnarmor, weaponsEt ya edum ni u-ungnga yu ey mangngunnuddad payew tu ey mengapyadda edum ni almas niya kalesah. (1 Samuel 8:12b)And (if you insist on having a king) some of your sons will (be conscripted to) work in his fields and some of them will (be taken to) make weapons and chariots., shoot
almet1intransto be displeased; to be sad; to feel annoyed or dissatisfiedThe word may have a component of anger. The feeling may not be expressed in words, but the person's face reveals how he is feeling.Immal-almet tep aggak pakilaw di linawwan mi.He was displeased because I did not let him go to where we went.Simhakit 2D Emotion and sensation 2causto cause someone to be displeasedKele yu impealmet hu Malikanud Camandag.Why did you make the American in Camandag displeased?pe-/impe-
alpedtransto build a fenceEhel mun Degiw-an et tu alpeden etan kadellanan killum di luhud.Tell Degiw-an to fence the pathway of the pigs in the communal fence.Inalped kun emin kadellan ulhad habal.I fenced all of the pathways of the wild pigs in the vegetable patch.Hipa impengalped mu, kaw ya man paul?What did you use to fence it, was it cane?-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
altarn1a raised platform used for placing sacrifices and offeringsIn-olden Hesekiah e i-appit dadda kagihheba di altar. (2 Chronicles 29:27a)Hesekiah ordered them to burn (sacrifices) on the altar.2a stand used for sacred purposes in Christian churchesLanguage of Borrowing: English
altebtransto repair holesKaw inalteban da la atep ey um-ali ka?Did they repair the holes in the roof before you came?Hipa nengialteb ni awwidan?Who repaired the holes in the windows?7.9.4Repair-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
altey1nliver2.1.8Internal organs2vfor the liver to be diseasedIn-alteyan tu na-mu eya manuk.This chicken might have been attacked in the liver.Hin-addum ni kai-alteyin pisti hu manuk.Sometimes disease attacks chickens in the liver.-an/-in- -an3van extended meaning is that the liver is the seat of courageNeialtey di ubet mu tep matekut ka.Your liver is at your anus because you are a coward.