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albentransto obstruct a passageway, e.g., a hole in a fenceEhel mu et albenan tu etan dalan ni danum.Tell him to place something where the water drains.Kaw mu inalbenan etan kadellanan killum di luhud?Did you place something where the pig passes through in the fence?7.5.9Put-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
aldan1intranssomeone transfers or moves from one place to anotherMan-aldan kami di Bahag ni bewahtu.We will transfer to Bahag the day after tomorrow.Simetan2 17.2.2Move in a directionmaN-/naN-Class 1B - Movement with a directional component2transto transfer something, e.g., to infect with illnessAntan keihnup ni hi-gatu tep aldanan tuka ni degeh tu.Do not stay close to him because he will infect you with his illness.7.3.2Move something in a direction-an/-in- -an
aldattandial. var.haleitannthe area exactly below the edge of the roof where rainwater drainsKamee-ebel hu aldattan tep ya danum ni kaum-ayuh di atep.The area below the edge of the roof is always wet because of water dripping from the roof.Simbihibihan8.5.4Area
aldeh1nthe section of a tree trunk just a meter or two above its bottomKayyaggud ni tabla etan aldeh ni keyew ni lingeh da.It is good for lumber, that section of the tree above the bottom that they cut down.1.5.1Tree2transto section the particular part of the tree trunk above the bottomIn-aldehan tun lingngeh etan keyew et humman hu neligat ni metukkad. He cut the tree above the bottom section and that is why it was hard to fell -an
aledu1na plow6.2.8Agricultural tool2intransto plow landMan-elladudman.He will plow there.maN-/naN-
aleg stato have a virus infection with runny nose, sneezing and coughing; coldNealeg tep ida nandu-du-luk di udan ni kaalman. He has a cold because they were playing in the rain yesterday.Kaw kaum-aleg hu udan? Does the rain cause a cold?2.5.1Sickme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
alemtransfor a man to court a womanKa an al-aleman George hi Georgina.George is courting Georgina. a marriage-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sitesLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano: arem
alewah1adv.predto take something personallyGenerally, someone says something that is not necessarily directed at a person, but that person believes that what was said is about him and he takes it personally.Inelawah Pedro hu inhel kun meippanggep ni linawwan yud Amduntog.Pedro took personally what I said in regard to your trip to Amduntog.Kaellawahan Tomas hu daka e-ehelan meippanggep ni eleg man-adal. Tomas takes personally the things they say in regard to being uneducated. adverbial predicates
alewah2vto catch a moving insect with an instrumentA small net may be used. Also, sticky sap may be collected and placed on the end of a long stick. As a dragonfly flies overhead, the stick is waved close to it to catch it on the sap.Ida kamengellawah ni duyyaw. They are trying to catch dragonflies.Endi kaellawahaddan u-ungnga ni duyyaw tep neita-gey hu daka pantattayyabi.The kids are not catching any dragonflies because they are flying high.7.4.3Get
ali11intransto proceed in the direction of the speaker; to comeUm-ali kunud amam ni hakey bewahtu.Your father, according to information, will come on the day after tomorrow.Hipadda eman mampengelli?Who are those coming?Pigantu illian yu?When did you come?Synhidit17.2.2Move in a directionum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another2transto bring something with oneYadda tuud Banawe kamengi-i-lin binuhlan niya ginallit di deya.The people in Banawe are the ones bringing loincloths and skirts here.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-elliani-aliinali
ali2sp. var.lliprtmarks a future time of an eventHipa muka pengeddaedangi eyan pinway et ma-gah alin hi-gam?Why are you reaching for this bolo and it will fall on you?Kaw inamta yu hedin hipa mekapkapyallin kabbuhhan winu edum alin aggew? Eleg yu amta. (James :14a)Do you know what will happen tomorrow or some future day? You do not know.The spelling variant, lli, is an enclitic that attaches to a preceding form ending in a vowel.
alibadduintransstomping noise2.3.2.3Types of sounds
alibegbegstato be numbNealibegbeg helik ni yuyyudung. My feet are numb from just sitting.2.4Body conditionme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
alibuhbuhna type of traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
alidungvan archaic word meaning to give shadeKaellidungin etan ni keyew hu balat ni intanem ku. The tree is shading the banana that I planted.Simhidum1hikug 1arch-an/-in- -an
aligvto be similar to; to compareApu Dios e kaumhelaknib ey kakei-elligin batun kakeihhikkugi, pinhed kun mei-ingngeh di pinhed mu hu hipan nemnemen ku niya e-helen ku. (Psalm 19:14)O LORD, who saves and is compared to a rock that gives shelter, I long to be the same as what you desire for whatever I think and say.
aliguhguhintransto scramble due to feeling panic; to rush to do somethingKaman-al-aliguhguh hi Pindug tep neladaw idan umlaw di simbaan.Pindug is scrambling because they are late in going to church. quicklymaN-/naN-Class 1C General class: Purposeful activities or actions
AliguyunProp.Na male name; the name of a hero in the Ifugao Hudhud epicHi Aliguyun hu kenayun ni kame-hel di Hudhud. Aliguyon is the one often mentioned in the Ifugao epic chant called Hudhud.Ya ngadan ni Aliguyun ey nan-amtad Ifugao.As for the name Aliguyon, it is popular (lit. well-known) in Ifugao. names
alikamennpersonal property; whatever is used in a house, household goods i.e., dishes, blankets, clothingNapnu hu tellun carton ni alikamen tu. Three boxes were filled with her personal items.Synngunut6.8.1.5Possession, propertyLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
alimudengvto be temporarily unconscious; to faintNealimudeng hi Junia ni nambessibessikan dan limmeniklikweh etan di baley.Junia fainted while they were running around and around that house.Simhalengeb2.5.6.4Lose consciousnessme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
alintransto transfer something from one place to anotherIelin mud basuh ku eya ihhibul di mahukung ni duyu.Transfer this soup from the bowl to the mug.Meellinan kallin degeh ku.You will be infected (lit. will be transferred) with my sickness.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
alinah1nflourGumtang mu alinah tep inusal ku emin.Buy some flour because I used all of it. ingredients2transto place flour into somethingInelinahan tu ihhida.He put flour in the viand.-an/-in- -an
alinew11ntree variety; the bark is made into fiber for bundling newly harvested rice on the stalks and also for making rope or stringThe fiber can also be made into a raincoat vest called kinagay.1.5.1Tree2vto gather the bark of the alinew treeInelinew idan iNepayew hu wadad Naghang .The people from Nepayew have gotten all the alinew-bark in Naghang.Kami nengalinew ni kaalman di Kesi-melan. We went to get some alinew-bark at Kesi-melan yesterday.Ida kamengellinew di Manisit hi Pedro nan Jose. Pedro and Jose are getting alinew-bark in Manisit.-en/-in-, meN-/neN-
alinew2stathe feeling of numbness in teeth when eating something sourNakka meellinew ni eleg malutun lituku. I get numb teeth from eating unripe rattan fruit.Kaum-alinew ni ngipen hu mapeit ni kamekkan.Sour food causes the teeth to feel 6A Physiological process – state
alingangnganpalate; uvula; roof of mouthNelembakan hu alingangnga tun hini-yup tun maetung ni danum.His palate got scalded by the hot water he gulped.Makaggeh hu alingangnga nan Jose tep limmebag. Jose’s palate is painful because it is swollen.