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akah1transto remove clothes from where they are placed to dry and bring them inAn ekkahen ina ida etan balwasi ni neiha-pey.Mother is going to remove and bring in the dried clothing.7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
akah2stato be freed from spirit or god's possessionKamebeyyag ni meekkah hu kameihhuklung ni ammed.It takes long time to be freed from being possessed by an ancestor’s spirit.4.9.4Miracle, supernatural powerme-/ne-
akasyanacacia tree1.5.1Tree
akawadjunctan expression of surprise, amazement or displeasureContext disambiguates whether the expression is one of surprise or displeasure.Akaw, tam dimmateng ida ammed ku ey kanday mahmahden dettengan da!Oh wow, my parents arrived yet they had said it will be in the evening when they will arrive!Akaw, tam impuh mu etan ahin ey eleg mu peam-amtan hi-gak et aye endi pengehhin tayu eyan ihhida.Oh my, you have consumed all the salt without letting me know and so now we do not have anything to salt this viand.9.2.7Interjections
akbutdial. var.lakhup1na backpack, usually made of animal skin6.7.7Container2transto put things into a backpackIn-akbut Jared hu patut tu.Jared put his shoes inside his backpack.iC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site3transto process an animal skin to make a backpackAkbuten Arnold etan dinweng dan makwah.Arnold is going to process the skin of the deer they hunted.-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
akeanifr. var.pakeaniInf. ofanistanewly harvested riceYu ihidum ida etan akeani ma-lat eleg ida ma-bel hedin um-udan.You take the newly harvested rice stalks under the shelter so that they will not get wet if it rains.In-ali da etan akeani ni dayyakket. They brought the newly harvested sticky rice.Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
akittransto remove the core of a log or a trunk of a tree with the use of metal tools such as a saw, machete, axe, or chiselInekit dan kaalman hu hegat etan ni lingeh Melchor ni udyaw.They removed the core of the narra-tree that Melchor cut down yesterday. something out of something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
akkad1nstiltsHi ama nengapyan akkad ku.My father was the one who made my stilts.4.2.7Play, fun2intransto walk on stiltsNan-a-akkad hi ama ni kaalman ey anggengi-ngi.My father was walking on the stilts yesterday and it was laughable. Movement with a manner component
akkalintransto grow, as of a plantKamengakkal etan intanem kun aba.The cassava that I planted is growing.6.2.1Growing cropskameN-
akki1nbaby girlPangan yu hi akki.Feed the baby girl.2.6.5Male, female2transfigto ridicule or belittle someone by calling them a baby girlAntan tuwak ena-akkin hi-gam tep nei-inna-ak nem hi-gam.Don't belittle me as a baby girl because I am older than you.
aklalprocfor a root vegetable to produce shoots or develop to maturity
aklamtransto pick up something; to gather wood for fireKalli pengaklam ni paul et punungu ta eyan inhaang.Go and pick up some cane and we will use them to cook rice.Kaumhigan um-enaklam ni paul tep ag mangan et neu-upa.He is lazy to be picking up cane because he did not eat and so he is hungry.7.5.1GatherClass 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
akluptransto place body close to another, usually when sleepingIda kaman-ak-aklup ni neugipan da tep ida kamektel.They are close to each other when they sleep because they are cold.Pakkaw ngun i-aklup tu hedin neiulig tep immingha tu.He has to be close to you if he sleeps with you because he is used to it.i-/-iN-, maN-/naN-1A Movement with a directional component
akudtransto ladle cooked rice from cooking pot; to serve riceAntanni et akuden ku eya et han itsu mangan.You wait and I will ladle out this rice before we eat. something out of something-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
akup1n owlBimmelah hu angah Florence ni inegyatan tun singkukan ni akup.Florence's face turned pale when the owl hooted startling her.
akup2transto scoop something with hands, e.g., riceAkup mu etan begah di det-al et iha-ad mu di duyu.Scoop up that rice on the floor and place it on a dish. Kaw inekup mun emin hu degi di lehung?Did you scoop all the rice-husks from the mortar? something out of something7.3.4.5Actions of the hand-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
akwaltransto embrace someone; to put arms around somethingBoth arms wrapped around an object with finger tips touching each other is equal to the measure han-akwal meaning one embrace.Akwal mu hi inam hedin mandammu kayu.Embrace your mother when you meet.Eleg tu han-akwal etan keyew tep etteteng ni peteg.He cannot put his arms around the tree because it is so big.Simyakap7.1.9Move a part of the body-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
akyam1intransan abundant number of small living things gather in one place; to swarm into an area, e.g., insects, fowlImmakyam ida hu tugtug di hepnakkan mi.The moorhens have flocked to our rice seedbeds.Ida kaum-akyam hu tubbaybay di bawang ni baley hedin hileng.Cockroaches are swarming inside the house when it is night time.7.2.2Move in a directionum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another
akyam2intransto be scatteredImmakyam ida manuk.The chickens were scattered., scatterum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another
akyangtransto step over or walk over somethingAkyang mu eya danum ma-lat eleg ma-bel hu patut mu.Step over this water so that your shoes won't get wet.Ang-ang mu et akyangen mu etan uleg di dalan tep kellaten tuka hedin iggasin mu.See to it that you step over that snake on the road for it will bite you if you step on it.Simbadekkeyang7.2.1.1Walk-en/-in-
al-alkus1passto be decoratedNeal-alkusan etan latlatuh Peter. Peter’s photo is decorated.8.3.8Decoratedne- -an2adv.predfor something to be described as artisticTuka enal-alkusi hu tuka penattayyaw.She is dancing artistically.ka- -en- -i
alatransto obtain or get possession of something; to getEhel mu et al-en alin Tabdul hu ngipen ni kidul di baley yu.Tell Tabdul to get the tooth of the thunder in your house.Inla mi pihhuh min kaalman.We got our money yesterday.7.4.3Get-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agentinlapaela
alaktransto irrigate; to supply plants with waterInalak da danum di Mambungbung et ihwang tud Linda di Kiangan.They irrigated with water from Mambungbung and it came out to Linda in Kiangan.Pigantu da pengellakan kunu mewan ni danum di Baguyung ey ay meuggew mewan?When will they irrigate with that water in Baguyung and yet it is going to be dry season again?6.2Agriculture-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
alang1na granary; a store house for grainGranaries are approximately the same size and patterning as houses. They are built off the ground on posts with wooden plank walling and thatched roofs. Many granaries do have mental roofing. Frequently, ceremonies having to do with planting or harvesting are held at granaries. Other things may be stored in the granaries such as bananas. Han-alang hu ineni dan nunya.They harvested one-granary-full today.6.5.1Building2transto place rice in a granaryEndi daka i-alang ni pagey tep daka ihhidum ni emin di bebley.They have nothing to put in their granary because they bring all the rice to the village.Endi nakka ang-angan kamei-ellang damad alang da tep dakel ida.I don't see any rice being put in their granary because they are many. storageiC1-/iN-3transto build a granaryInelangan law nan Jose ni emin hu payew da.Jose built granaries in all his fields.6.5.1Building-an/-in- -an
alasdial. var.olasnthe time period of an hourAlas tres ni hambatenganan ey dimmateng ida. It was at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived.8.4.1Period of time