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agemid2transto place into a backpack or other container something that is hanging out so that it will not fall out as it is being carriedAgemid mudda eya kamanlallayyag ni balwasid hakbat mu et eleg ida ma-gah.Put in properly those clothes hanging out from your backpack so they will not fall out.7.5.9Put
ageyupna love charm; believed to cause someone to love the person carrying the charmPinpinhed idan bii hi Kindut tep wada ageyup tu.The girls love Kindut because he has a love-charm.…yadda bangbanglu da, yadda ageyup da, yadda singsing dad galumeymey da niyad eleng da… (Isaiah 3:20)(The things they have and wear are) their perfumes, their love-charms, their rings they wear on their fingers and noses…4.9.8Religious things4.3.3Love
aggak amtaph. v. ofamtanegI don't knowThis is the formal way to say 'I don't know'.Aggak amtan mambidbid.I don't know how to read.Simeleg ku amtatawwey
aggamnganInf. ofagemang-an2noma sleeping place for teenage girls or boys
aggattanvget away; an imperative instruction telling someone to get away from a place or thingThis instruction is usually given to prevent someone from being endangered.Aggattan eyad habyen tep umega.Get away from that door because you might fall.Aggattan tep killaten dakallin eyan ahhu.Get away because this dog might bite you.7.2.2Move in a direction
aggayapnmung bean5. from vegetables
aggayuyimperativethis is an imperative meaning get away from thereCompound: This entry is a compound of the shortened form, agga, of aggattan and the plural second person, yu, and y, the allomorph of determiner di.
aggew1na dayYa kaamnui ni tuka e-helan meippahding alin hakey aggew ey neipuun etan di libluh ni tuka bennidbida.The fulfillment of events that he says will happen one day is based on the book that he is reading.
aggew2nthe sunTuka i-abuh ni mangngunnu et nelinug aggew ey tagan tu ngunungunu.He wanted to do beyond what he could do and so he kept on working even after the sun had set.Em, nakka man-uh-uhdung e henin aggew ni emaggew. (Isaiah 18:4b)Yes, I am looking down like the sun at noontime. 1.1.1Sunemaggew
aggiyet1na winged insect; flyKele an humegyab hu aggiyet ni nunya?Why is it that flies are becoming so many now? something to have flies on it or in itAntan tu inum etan danum di basuk tep neaggiyetan.Don't drink the water in my cup because there is a fly in -an
aggudung1na snail speciesThe snail has a cylindrical shape shell. The shells of the snails are burned and pounded into powder to make the lime used for betel nut chewing.In-appul ina dakel ni aggudung ey napnu apullan tu.My mother made plenty of lime from snail shells so her lime container is full.1.6.1Types of animals2transto gather snailsPigan hambag inaggudung yun kaalman?How many bags of snails did you gather yesterday?Simheyyek 1-en/-in-
agi1nsibling; brother or sister; cousinYadda etan han-aaggi ey nambi-ki da balwasi dan degeh ni nemnem da. (Genesis. 44:13) The brothers tore their clothes in sorrow., sister2transto count someone, other than a biological relative, as a sibling,Kaeggian ama hi inetu tep han-agid ametun nan hi inan ama.My father counts her mother as his cousin because her father is the brother of my father's mother.Ag dakemi eggian hi-gada tep beken kamin baknang.They don't count us as their relatives because we are not rich.Abulut yun pan-eggi yu henin yuka pengebbulutin edum ni kamengullug nan Apu Jesus Christo, (Romans 16:2)You should accept her as your sister like you accept other believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.-an/-in- -an, pan-aaggikaegiegineiegi
agidtransto sharpen in spherical shape; to make something pointedPiga luhud ni inegidam?How many fence posts did you sharpen?Kaw dammutu kuman eggidan tayu hu gumek ey magenga?Is it possible to sharpen metal that is hard?7.8.3Cut-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
agilahnfruit or vegetable remnants that are left after gatheringDa eggilahen ida etan agilah ni guggullu mi.They are going to gather the few remnants of our oranges.5.2Food
agtutransto carry something on the headPiga kaweyan ni in-agtum ni kaalman?How many bamboo did you carry yesterday?Kaw hi-gam nengenagtun ittungud Jose?Were you the one who carried Jose's firewood?7.3.1CarryiC1-/iN-Class 3F Move an object along with oneself
agudungdial. var.inagudungna small, yellow banana varietyKaw dakel agudung ni intanem yu?Did you plant many little bananas?Kele ag muwak i-laan ni agudung?Why didn't you get a little banana for me?Kele a-agudung alin ebuh mu ginetang.Why did you only buy little bananas? from fruit
agumtransto collect or gather what is needed; collect what is contributed for a needEmin inusal idan kamandedgeh ey inegum ni emin.All that the sick one used was contributed.Kayulli pangegum ni dinikhal et ihaeng tayu eya deleg.Go and collect firewood so that we will cook this fish.Kaw endi yuka egguman pihhu di bebley yu?Didn't you collect any money in your place?6.8.2Accumulate wealth-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
agutsp. var.aguytransto uproot something which has been plantedInegut tu etan nan-itnem kun kapih mukun bimmungettak.He uprooted the coffee trees that I planted that's why I got angry.6.2Agriculture-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
aguttulnthe queen ant1.6.1.7Insect
aguysp. var. ofagut
agwattransswim or wade to cross to the other side of waterKaw agwaten ta etan kulukul et han ita dumteng Ungol?Will we cross the brook before we reach Ungol?Inagwat Pablo mahkang ni wangwang.Pablo crossed the wide river.7.2Move-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
agyagna woven basket for serving and storing cooked ricePrior to western influence, the agyag basket was used for serving cooked rice to be eaten during meal time. The basket was placed in the middle of the floor and families sat around it and ate together using their hands or their native wooden spoons, pakkew, to take the rice from the basket.Ekebim eya agyag tep kae-epain aggiyet.Cover that rice container because flies will alight on it.Ya puha nengetwib ni agyag.It was the cat that made a hole in the basket.whhagang 26.7.7Container
ahadjunctan expression calling for attention from the listenersLakkay et mu ang-angen hedin bimmangun law hi Jonny ah? Why don't you go and see if Jonny has awakened now? Kantuy "Ang-ang tayu numan hedin um-ali hi Elijah ni memaddang ni hi-gatu ah!" (Mark 15:36b)He said, "Let's see indeed if Elijah will come to save him, OK!This is a tag question marker attached to the end of a statement. It expresses a negative or positive orientation that is clarified in the context.imayah
ahahsp. var.ahhahadjunctan expression of surprise or an expression of displeasureContext disambiguates whether the expression is one of surprise or displeasure.Ahah, negatang ni emin hu nakka iggatang ni kamihitahOh wow! All the t-shirts that I am selling are all bought.9.2.7Interjections
ahandial. var.anhanadjunctexpression of pleading; pleaseEm, dengel mu ahan eya dasal kun nunya. (1 Kings 8:28b)Yes, please listen to my prayer today.