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adaltransto learn, to studyThis word has the connotation of book or school learning.Inedal tu meippanggep idan nunman et mukun inamta tu.He learned about those things and that is why he knows them.Agtu amta mengituttuddun tuka eddalad iskul. He does not know how to teach what he is learning in school.3.2.2Learn3.2.2.1Study-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognition
adangtransto reach up to get somethingInedang nan Pedro etan inha-ad mud atep ni pihhuh et tu itugal.Pedro reached up and got the money that you placed in the roof and he gambled it.Tuka eddaedang etan inha-ad mu nem agtu han-adang.He is trying to reach what you hung but he can't reach it.7.4.3Get-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
adaydial. var. ofanayadjunctexpression of painAday makaggeh hu uluk.Oh, my head is aching!9.2.7Interjectionsadadday
addu1transto have many childrenKele kanday ida kamengaddu hu enak Dulnuan?Why do they say Dulnuan's children are becoming many?Kaw makulug ni nengaddu hi Pedro di bebley yu.Is it true that Pedro's family became many in your place?, clanmeN-/neN-
addu2na sickness that causes the sudden death of an infantThis may be SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The onset is unpredictable and the cause is unknown.Ya addu hu gaputun neteyan tu.He died of the addu-infant sickness.2.5.1Sick
addumintrans1to join or mix togetherKaw nan-addum tuud Nepayew et yad Dugyun immalidya?Did the people of Nepayew and Dugyu join together when they came here?Simdattut7.5.2Join, attachmaN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actions2to come together in marriagePigantu pan-adduman idan han-ahwa?When will the couple live together?Kaw impanaddum mudda han-ahwa?Did you let the couples live together?paN-/impaN-
ademayenna tree variety1.5.1Tree
adeweyna tree variety1.5.1Tree
adipstafor an object to fit into a covering or supporting structure, e.g., bolo enclosed in scabbard, a tenon fitting into a mortiseNakai-adip hu pingway di kinapya tun asip.The bolo fits very well into the scabbard that he made.7.7.6Grindmei-/nei-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
adug1intransto guard someone or somethingNan-a-aduggak ni kalga tun hileng di landing.I guarded his baggage at the airport during the night.Simguwalya 1C General class - Types of work2transto guard something that is specificInang-ang kun eman ni nakka pan-aaddugid payew da.I saw her when I was guarding their rice-field.Kaw endi mu inang-ang nan ametun immalid kad-an mun hileng eman ni nan-adugan mud baley da?Didn't you see his father come there during the night when you were guarding their house?Class 5C Goal oriented sites
adyadehcomp. ofadyahdehdem.predhere it is, location of object is near speakerAdyadeh pihhuh ku.Here is my money.The compound form directs attention to the specific location of an object. pronouns
adyahcomp. ofdeyayadem.predhere in my hand most commonly used in answer to question concerning the whereabouts of somethingThis form is most commonly used in answer to a question concerning the whereabouts of something.Adyahda la indawat ku lan hi-gam ni nunman.Here is what I had given to you before.This may be a shortened, adapted form of the two words wada deya.adyadeh
aeyulahadjunctan expression that means What a waste!Antan tu ibbeng etan natdaan ni detag tep aeyulah.Do not throw away the leftover meat because that is wasteful.9.2.7Interjections
agnegnegation particleKaw agka maupa?Are you not hungry?Ag law mahapul ni itsu mambekki.We do not need to pray baki-prayers anymore., not
ag-agtransto clean out powdery substance from a small container; to empty a container, e.g., lime powder from small tubeInag-ag kun emin hu apul di appullan ina.I cleaned out all the lime-powder from my mother’s lime-tube-container. something out of something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
agagstato defend and give help in an argument or fightNeagaggak tep nemahig tuka pehding ni udidyan tu.I defended because he was doing bad things to his youngest sibling.Hipa mu neagagan ey beken mun kadwa etan kamekidpap?Why were you defending him and yet that man who is fighting is not your companion?, me- -an/ne- -anClass 6C Characteristics of human nature
agah1nmedicine used in treating illnessYa etan kandan na-let ni agah hu impangegah da eyan degeh ku ey eleg kaya ma-kal.They said they treated me with strong medicine for my sickness, and yet, it is not cured. 5A Changing state of site by adding something2transto treat illness with medicineInaghan da hu helik et han mapwahan.They put medicine on my feet before they healed.Kele agmu an paegah di Nepayew eya naplang di ngamay mu?Why don't you bring that wound in your hand for treatment in Nepayew?2.5.7Treat disease-an/-in- -an, pa-/impa-
agalsp. var.ugalsta1to have a harsh or irritating voice qualityNeagal hu iek ulha hedin immihek.The squealing of a wild pig is very irritating.Kameeggal hu tekuk hedin kai-anteng.One's voice becomes harsh if continuously shouting. 6A Physiological process – state2to speak or shout with a harsh qualityInegal tu tekuk ey aggak han-immatun et kangku ngu nem beken tu.He made his shout harsh so I was unable to recognize him and so I mistakenly thought it was not him.iC1-/iN-
agangintransto be hungryKayu law paneeng tep immagang.Go now and cook because I have become hungry.Neka-agangan nak law tep hambatenganan.I'm now very hungry because it's already mid-afternoon.Synupa5.2.2.5Hungry, thirstyum-/-imm-,neka- anClass 6A Physiological process – state
agatstaspicy, hot taste, e.g., chili pepperMaegat hu lindih Magyan ni hili.The chili that Magyan crushed is spicy hot.2.3.3Tastema-Class 6D Descriptives
agdengdial. var. ofandengdescribes something as being straight
agekittransto take or remove something out of water, e.g., rice seedlingsInhepnak da et tummel ida nem kaeggakita idan tugtug.They laid the rice for seedlings in the rice paddy seedbeds and they sprouted, but the moorhens are taking them out.Agekit mu etan detag di banga.Remove the meat from (the water in) the pot.Simkait7.3.2.7Take something out of something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
agelintransto hesitate to do something; to be cautiousAnxiety, fear or shame is often involved.Nakka-umagel ni umhegep di baley da.I am hesitant to enter their house.Endi law eggelan yu ey endi law mengippetekkut ni hi-gayu. (Jeremiah 46:27-28c)(My people) will no longer be hesitant (to trust me) and there will no longer be anyone to make you afraid.Simanig 2egen3.4.2.4Afraidum-/-imm- Class 2H Behavior
agemangintransto sleep somewhere other than one's own homeAn man-eggamang hi Intanap di aggamngan tep kamenikken law.Intanap is to sleep in a teenage-sleeping-place because she is now a teenager.maN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actionsaggamngan
agemid1transto adopt an orphan into familyInegamid nan Tomas hi Rita tep netey ida ammed tu.Tomas adopted Rita because her parents are dead.Kaw dakel inegaegamid mun u-ungnga?Have you been adopting many children?Aggak han-agemid dakel ni u-ungnga.I cannot afford to adopt many children. 4C Convey/bring object toward agent