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amkihna squirrel-like animalSome speakers consider this animal to be more like a wildcat.Kinna nan Pegaddut etan amkih ni kamengngamengngan ni balat da.Pegaddut trapped the squirrel that has been eating their bananas.1.6.1Types of animals
amlag1nreligious ritual in which the sacrifice is an inanimate item, e.g blanket, loin cloth4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.3.9.1Custom2trans to offer an inanimate item to spirits, e.g blanket, loin clothKaw inamlag da etan binuhlan di baley Sillay?Did they offer that loincloth at Sillay's house?Pigantu nengamlagan yu etan ni wangal nan Ummangal?When did you offer that blanket to Ummangal?Hi-gak kan binuhlan eman ni daka pan-amlaga.I am the one who owns that loincloth that they are offering.iC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
amleng1n joy; happinessPinhed kun meweddan ingganah ni hi-gayu hu amleng tep ya neiegian tayun Jesus Christo. (Philippians 4:4a) I want there always to be joy with you because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.Simanla 12intransto have a feeling of pleasure, contentment, joy; to be happy; to rejoiceImmaleng kamin illian yu tep dakeyu kanenemnema.We are happy for your coming because we are always thinking of you.Ida kaum-amleng hu tuu hedin kanday endi gubat.The people are happy if they say there is no war.Inna-nu kunun pan-am-amlengan di kabunyan?How will you be happy in heaven?Simdanggayaganasgaya /kamengippe-Class 2D Emotion and sensationman-am-amlengpeamleng
ammandial. var.immendem.predthere it is, directs attention to an object that is away from both speaker and hearer ammandeh
ammandehcomp. ofammandehdem.predthere it is, the object is away from both speaker and hearerAmmandeh hu gaud mu e neihandag di dingding.Look, there is your spade leaning on the wall. SimimmenThe compound form directs attention to the specific location of an object. pronouns
ammed1nparentsEmin itsu ey kayyaggud tu hu u-unnuden hu tugun idan ammed tayu tep humman hu elaw tayu.As for all of us, it is good to obey our parents’ advice because that is our culture., mother2vto have ancestral parentsInna-nu tun tayu nengiammedan idan kamangkalanguyya?How did the Kalanguyya speakers became our ancestral parents? by birthnengi- -anaammed
ammudyungna wasp species1.6.1.7Insect
ammunexis.predthere it is; the object referred to is far away from both speaker and hearerAmmun hu Kesi-melan e keta-ta-geyyan ni duntug di Antipolo.There is Kesi-melan the highest mountain in Antipolo. pronounsammundeh
ammundehcomp. ofammundehdem.predthere it is; the location of an object is far away from both speaker and hearerAmmundeh etan kandan duntug di Kesi-melan. There it is that which they call Mount Kesi-melan.The compound form directs attention to the specific location of an object. pronouns
ammungna collection or donationMu amung hu ammung idan iNeduntug et ilaw mun kabbuhhan di upisina.You go and collect the donations of the people from Neduntug and take it to the office tomorrow. Simalluh6.8.3.1Give, donate
amnutransto fulfill or come to passHi-gam hu inamnuan ni inhel lan apu yun kantuy wadalli hu inap-apu tun manmittuduh.You are the fulfillment of what your grandfather said when he said there will be a grandchild of his who will be a teacher.Ya kaamnui ni tuka e-helan meippahding alin hakey aggew ey neipuun etan di libluh ni tuka bennnidbida.The fulfillment of events that he says will happen one day is based on the book that he is reading.-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sitespeamnu
ampahnanimal louse or tickKahuphupan ampah hu kuheyaw.The animal louse sucks blood.
ampingtransto strike someone with an open hand; slapInamping tu hu u-ungnga tu tep kamansiwsiw. He slapped his child because he was being naughty.Simappepsi-pak7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
ampuhya-ewadjgray or a grayish color, e.g., stones from a river or creek, stone mortarAmpuhya-ew etan pakekapyan batun lehung nan Imbangngay. The newly-made stone mortar of Imbangngay is gray. Ampuhya-ew hu pintol ni baley da.The paint color of their house is gray.
amtatransto know somethingThe verbal phrase aggak amta is the formal way to say 'I don't know.' The word tawwey is the idiomatic way.Amtaen yulli etan meippanggep nan Inway hedin um-ali amam.You will know about Inway if your father comes.Inamtak etan inhel mun nahdem.I know what you said last night.Hi Bummulu hu nengamtaan dan nekapkapyad Baguio.It was Bummulu from whom they learned (lit. knew) about the events in Baguio.3.2.3Know-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognitionpeamtaaggak amtaeleg ku amta
AmtalawProp.None of the deities of the traditional religion thought to live in the Skyworld4.9.2Supernatural being
amudyungna paper waspMakaggeh hu ngamay kun sinled ni ammudyung.My hand that was stung by a wasp is painful.
amugna kind of treeKayyaggud hu amug ni kapyaen ni bagat tep ag mebet-ag.The amug-tree is a good tree to make as a secondary post because it does not crack. Matbel dama hu amug hedin nemag-anan.The amug-tree is also flammable when it is dry.1.5.1Tree
amulihnsacrificial pigAmulih is an old term used in pagan chant, baki, for a sacrificial pig.Kaung hu amulih ni impedundun dan eman lan apu da.It was a sow, the sacrificial pig, that they offered to the spirit of their grandfather.1.6.1Types of animals4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice
amungtrans1to gather things; to collectLakay et mu amungen ida etan neiwehit ni unah di habal.Go and gather those sugar canes scattered in the sweet potato patch.Mi inemung ida etan na-gah ni lameh ni lumban et pan-idwat middan u-ungnga. We collected all the fallen pomelo fruit and gave them to the children.Simdanup1panuh17.4.3Get-en/-in-2to assemble people; to gather togetherYu amung ida iNepayew et umli kayun emin di Bahag.Assemble the people from Nepayew and you all come to Bahag.Yan Katlu hu keemmungan tayud baley yu et han itsu lumaw ni emin di kammading.On Wednesday we will all gather together in your house before we all go to the school.Hi-gak nengamung idan tuud Bahag. I was the one who gathered the people in Bahag.7.5.1Gatherke- -an Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
amyawtransto like or desire somethingAntan tu peang-ang-ang ida etan baluh ni kamihitah tep entanni ey amyawan idan u-ungngak ey endi hu pihhuh ku.Don't be showing those new t-shirts because after awhile my kids might like them and I don’t have money (to buy them).Emin ida huyyan wadad puyek niyadda etan lawah ni kaamyawin tuun kaumhulun ni kapannemnemin lawah ey metellak idalli. (1 John 2:17a)All these things on earth and the bad things that people desire, that cause them to think bad things, will be lost., lovei- -an/iN- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
anlk1linker that links complement clauses to the main clauseNakka hihhinnuan an an-um-e-hel ni hi-gatu tep kamehihhinnu hu an tuggunen hu neta-gey adal tu.I feel awkward to say something to him for it is an awkward thing to advise somebody who is highly educated.2linker that links question words and fronted pronouns to other constituents of a clause, but it is not requiredHipa an nengiabnak ni wangal di dep-ul?Who spread the blanket in the dust?
an-vprefix, this prefix co-occurs with other affixes with the meaning to go to do the action of the verbal rootHi-gak anmengittek ni keyew.I'll be the one to go and cut wood.
-an1trans1the future tense default suffix for Class 5 verbal rootsHeggadan ku det-alI'll sweep the floor.Bedbedan ku heli tu.I'll bandage his leg.Sim-ika- -i9.2.9.1Verb affixes2suffix, may topicalize a time or place for Class 2 verbal roots
-an2v > nsuffix, lexical nominalizing affix for referring to locations of actionsDa-nihim eya yuddungngan et yudungan idan ammed yu.Wipe that bench (lit. place of sitting) for your parents to sit on.Kami kaumhigan umahuahul tep naka-iddawwi ahhullan.We are lazy to be fetching water because the spring (lit. place of fetching water) is very far.Simke- -an2kei- -an9.2.9.3Derivational affixesaggamngan