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gallapgu 2
gall bladderapgu 1
gambling card gametugal 1
game of hide and seekpungpung 1
game using stonesbabbassil 1
game, type ofkamkambuttuttukkad
gap in the blade of a knife, bolo, or axepi-ngaw
gaps between floor boards or wall boardsgetang 1
garlictapal 1
gasp for airhegtut
gateeheb 1
gate of animal penpatbul 1
gather all the producega-geb
gather for special occasiondughal
gather fruitpelah
gather peoplelawlaw 1
gather people togetherdanup1
gather pieces of woodkamkam
gather rattanbehatewey 2
gather snailsaggudung 2
gather thingsamung 1
gather things or peoplepanuh1
gather togetherakyam1amung 2epun
gather together to eathayuyung
gather woodaklam
genealogy, narratetenten
generous personmadewat
genital organs, euphemismannan2
genital organs, male or female, euphemismsingngedan
genitalia, femaleesil
genitalia, femalesinsin
genitals, femaletundil
Gentiles, non-JewsGentiles
get a small amount or number of things from containertuklaw
get and hold in mouth, an animalkangal